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NBA Trade Rumors: The Celtics Could Make Their Biggest Move Yet


We've all heard a whole lot of news about the Boston Celtics lately. After trading the number 1 overall pick, signing Gordon Hayward, and trading Avery Bradley, one would think they would be done making moves.

According to rumors and rumblings within the NBA, Boston may not be done yet. Although guys like Andre Drummond, Marc Gasol and others have been involved in Boston trade rumors, the latest Celtic target could be coming from California.

His name is Klay Thompson.

That's right, the Celtics could be the real deal. Before draw to too many conclusions, however, it should be noted that the chances of a deal like this really going through are very slim. The 2017 Champs seem to be perfectly content with what they've got. After all, Klay has been a huge part of what the Warriors have done over the last few years.

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But with increasing concern around the league that he could leave the Warriors via free agency, comes the increasing possibility of trade scenario taking place either now, or in the future. He'll want to get paid a lot, which the Warriors may not be able to do. While Thompson is still admittedly likely to stay, would the Dubs risk the possibility of losing Klay for nothing?

Let's not forget the Warriors are looking at some serious money problems of their own. As stated earlier, Klay may want much more money in the future. And in order to maintain all of these stars, there's really no easy way to make sure they're all paid fairly forever. Eventually, the Warriors might have to let one guy go. Who says that can't be splash bro. number 2?

(AP Photo/Charles Krupa)

(AP Photo/Charles Krupa)

If any team is able to convince the Warriors of even entertaining the thought of a Klay trade, it would be the Celtics. Danny Ainge has compiled a horde of assets, much of which would be quite enticing to any GM. Ainge could give up a guy like Crowder, or Smart, along with some picks or young talent for Klay.

The trade would make the Celtics a team to fear in the weakened East and could be what they need to finally take down LeBron. The chances definitely don't favor Boston, and who knows what may happen in the future.

But bigger miracles have happened, and Danny Ainge is quite the wizard.