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NBA Trade Rumors: The Cavaliers Would Love To Acquire Devin Booker


The Phoenix Suns haven't been known for great decision making over the years. While they certainly aren't a bad organization, they've seen minimal success in the History of their existence.

One thing they got right, however, was the drafting of NBA star Devin Booker. Not the most well-known kid in the 2015 NBA Draft, Booker came in as a somewhat underdog. Quickly, though, his game caught the attention of everyone around the league.

Averaging a little over 22 points in just his second NBA season, Booker has become one of the NBA's most promising elite player. Quite honestly, any NBA team would be crazy not to want this 23-year-old stud.

The Cleveland Cavaliers are no different. According to Terry Pluto of, the Cavs would absolutely love to acquire Devin Booker in a trade for Kyrie Irving. Unfortunately for Cleveland though, Booker is as close to untouchable as they come.

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While there's been no confirmed offer yet, Pluto reports that

"The Suns would love to put together a package with Brandon Knight, T.J. Warren, and Bledsoe for Irving and some others such as Iman Shumpert or Channing Frye..."

Obviously, the two notable names missing from the list are Josh Jackson and, of course, Devin Booker. While that is the Suns' stance, for now, Pluto admits that the Suns may be "tempted" to part ways with Jackson if no deal can be reached without him.

And that may just be what they have to do. If the Cavaliers were willing to take that offer, they'd have made the trade days ago. But with no deal being reported yet, it sounds like Cleveland is looking for more.


Maybe they are holding off in hopes of acquiring Booker, or maybe Jackson will be enough to settle their appetite. But with Booker providing a hopeful future for Phoenix, it seems unlikely the Suns will let him go. Meaning, unless Phoenix changes its mind on Josh Jackson, a Kyrie Irving trade seems unlikely to happen.