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NBA Trade Rumors: Suns and Kings Discussing Blockbuster Trade For DeMarcus Cousins

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February is fast approaching us, meaning that the NBA trade deadline is coming up. Every year there is usually rumors that superstar center DeMarcus Cousins of the Kings is going to be traded. To Where? Those details were never really brought forward, and DeMarcus stayed in SacTown.

However, it has been reported that the Phoenix Suns have shown interest in Cousins. Should this deal go through, then it is a win for both sides, helping the Suns potentially making a playoff push, giving Cousins a fresh start with some familiar faces, and the Kings gaining young talent with some other young pieces. The deal in place would look something like Cousins for Len, Warren, the first-round draft pick this year and possible more.

This deal helps the Suns (so much so that it may seem one-sided) recover from the failed attempt at signing LaMarcus Aldridge. The Suns made a series of moves attempting to try and sign the All-Star big man, but they failed, leaving them with Tyson Chandler, and a developing Alex Len. After a rough year, the Suns looked to rectify their lack of front court depth snagging Dragan Bender and Marquese Chriss. These two have great upside, whether it be the all-around skill of Bender, or the athletic ability of Chriss (throwing down windmills and getting chase down blocks and all) but, these two are still rookies and they won’t be able to make a big impact anytime soon. However, add DeMarcus Cousins to their frontcourt, it could be deadly.

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The Big 3: Cousins, Bledsoe and Booker?

Cousins is a basketball player. What I mean is that he can do anything: score (inside and out), pass, defend, ball handle etc. He’d allow them to play inside out, bully ball, really anything they want. In addition, they are not giving up Booker or Bledsoe, so Cousins would have a good backcourt for once in his career. Speaking of Bledsoe, you know what he and Cousins have in common? Do you? If you don’t, then here it is, they were both Kentucky Wildcats in 2010. Devin Booker, Tyler Ulis, Brandon Knight and Bledsoe are all Kentucky alumni, making his transition to the Valley of the Sun, that much easier. Yet, how does this help the Kings?

Here is how. It gives them a chance to rebuild. Now, here me out on this. Cousins is an all-world talent, yet the Kings have only won 30 plus games, once. Not 40, not even a winning record, and he has been on this team for seven years. It is time to move on. The Wolves moved on from Kevin Love, and now they have an immense pool of talent. Len is a center that has shown flashes of brilliance, Warren is a solid player, and the draft picks, they can be what turns them around. While they didn’t retain him, the Kings have made good 2nd round picks in the past, taking Isaiah Thomas with the last pick in the 2011 draft. It’s time to rebuild, and move on from DeMarcus, potentially getting trounced by the Warriors is not worth keeping him.

The Kings and Suns are both looking to make the playoffs, but right now, it isn’t looking realistic for either one of them. Trading Cousins to the Suns helps both sides, giving the Suns a dominant star with which they can lean on, plus his transition should be easy given his onetime teammate Eric Bledsoe. As for the Kings, they can move on from Cousins and focus on the future.


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