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NBA Trade Rumors: Rudy Gay to the Houston Rockets?

Rudy Gay to Houston Rockets?

The 30 year old small forward has been involved in trade talks frequently and from Oklahoma to Orlando, we’ve heard about plenty of different teams that would be interested in acquiring the ten-year NBA veterans skills.

One of the latest teams to fall into that category is the Houston Rockets.

The Rockets currently have Trevor Ariza as the starting small forward but Rudy Gay would definitely be an upgrade at the position. Sure Ariza adds some good scoring numbers for the Rockets and has a 38% three-point percentage but Gay could come in and offers more scoring, rebounds and assists. He isn’t that far behind on three-point shooting either as he currently averages 35% from behind the three-point line.

Gay would also be considered a ‘Star’ if he went to Houston and that’s what the Rockets need at the minute.

James Harden is the main man no doubt in Houston and he looks on his way to winning his first NBA Mvp award this season but the Rockets do need another Star player to come in and give Harden some support.

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Sure, Gay isn’t one of the big stars in the NBA today but he would still be able to come in and share the load with Harden and take some pressure off his shoulders, especially right before the playoffs when the Rockets will hope to give Harden a brief rest as they will prepare to battle it out in the tough Western Conference playoffs (if all things go to plan).

Gay has done ok for the Sacramento Kings so far this season whenever he has played but a change of scenery would be nice for him as he is in his 4th season with the franchise.

Rudy is averaging 18.5 ppg, 6.3 rpg and 2.9 apg and he is recording a 46% field-goal percentage. Even though he is doing okay with the Kings a trade looks imminent for Rudy. It’s just a case of when the trade will happen and where he will go.

Houston would definitely be a great fit for Gay and I would love to see the pairing of Gay and Harden on the court. The Rockets would also be delighted to add Rudy to the roster as he could help the Rockets push to make the NBA Finals as they would come up against the likes of the Golden State Warriors, the San Antonio Spurs, the L.A Clippers and the Oklahoma City Thunder on the way.

Another location for Rudy could be Oklahoma where he would partner up with 5-time All-Star Russell Westbrook, who is at the minute leading alone show with the Thunder as he helps the team push for the playoffs.

One thing for sure and that is it’ll be interesting to see how things pan out with Gay and the Kings.


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