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NBA Trade Rumors: One Dark Horse Team Could Land Carmelo Anthony

(Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

(Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

This summer has been filled with action. With stars like Paul Millsap, Gordon Hayward, Chris Paul, and Paul George switching teams, the NBA hierarchy is set to change this upcoming season. And now, with the Kyrie Irving drama, one of basketball's biggest names could be on his way out.

Kyrie isn't the only name being passed around the rumor mill this summer, though. Carmelo Anthony is another name on the block.

In fact, the league has been talking about potential trades surrounding the star for months now. It started with Phil Jackson, who gradually wrecked the relationship between the Knicks and their beloved All-Star. Even after the Knicks fired Phil, the relationship was just too wrecked to be repaired.

Now, a split seems inevitable. So far, the Houston Rockets have been the team to watch. As reported by multiple inside sources, that's probably the only team Melo would waive his no trade clause for. While they're still undoubtedly the favorites, one unexpected team is actually making a good impression on the New York superstar.

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The Portland Trailblazers. With their star backcourt of Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum, the team has made quite a name for itself over the past few years. While they've been no strangers to recruiting in the past, they may have taken it a step up with Carmelo Anthony.

According to Adrian Wojnarowski on ESPN radio's The Russillo Show, Damian and CJ "have done a good job recruiting" Melo to Portland. It looks like the two backcourt stars aren't going easy on their efforts to bring Anthony to town.

In a chat with Joe Freeman of the Oregonian, CJ McCollum had this to say about Carmelo Anthony's interest in Portland:

"I think he's interested. Obviously, I feel like he wants to play with friends, with Banana Boat friends. I know he wants to play with [Chris Paul] and LeBron. Those are very good teams, very good options. But I feel like we're also a very good option."

McCollum recognizes there are other options out there. But he seemed optimistic about the possibility of playing with Anthony.

So while Portland is still very much a long shot, it's not a possibility people should ignore. Not if CJ and Damian have anything to say about it.