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NBA Trade Rumors - Nerlens Noel to the Lakers?

Triston Norris

Triston Norris

The latest trade rumor to arise in the world of NBA basketball is the prospect of power forward and center Nerlens Noel going to the young Los Angeles Lakers.

Noel is a great young talent but sadly he is a power forward/center which is a problem if you’re a young guy wanting minutes in Philadelphia.

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Why? That’s because there is already both Joel Embiid and Jahlil Okafor running the center spot for the 76ers. When Joel Embiid returned to playing basketball after two years out with injury Noel was out for the 76ers with injury so he couldn’t fight for his position on the roster. Noel made his return to NBA basketball recently and straight away we heard the trade talks arise! His playing time has been cut and we’re seeing a lot of statements arising from both Noel and the team arguing about his playing time. There is an unsettled atmosphere at the minute between the 76ers franchise and Noel.

The reality is that one of Philadelphia’s centers is going to have to be moved before the trade deadline and all sources lead towards Nerlens Noel going, not Jahlil Okafor and certainly not Joel Embiid who is Philly’s newfound star.

The Lakers are on the verge of pushing for the playoffs at the minute and for a young team they are doing very well but they are still missing that extra piece. Noel could be a great fit for the Lakers and he can either play the power forward or center position meaning he would be a valuable assist to the team if he were to be traded there.

Who could the Lakers offer up to the 76ers though? Maybe Larry Nance Jr and another role player like Anthony Brown. The 76ers are in need of a point guard but I just don’t see the Lakers offering up any point guards at the minute as D’Angelo Russell has had some problems with injury lately meaning the Lakers are spread thin at the point guard position. Another possibility is Lou Williams for Nerlens Noel in a straight swap. This would work out great for both teams.

One thing for certain though and that is that we will definitely see Noel be shipped from Philadelphia before the trade deadline. The Lakers would be a great fit for Noel and it would be good to see Noel go and help the young Lakers qualify for the NBA playoffs for the first time since the 2012-2013 season.


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