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NBA Trade Rumors: Nerlens Noel to Cleveland Cavaliers?

nerlens noel cleveland cavaliers

After Chris Andersen suffered an ACL tear at Friday’s practice, he will not come back this season.

He averaged 2.3 points and 2.6 rebounds per game, and now Cavaliers have only Kevin Love, Tristan Thompson and Channing Frye at the frontcourt positions.

Cleveland Cavaliers looking for a big man after Birdman suffers torn ACL, sources told Fadeaway World.

The Cavs will have to look for additional options behind Thompson and Love or maybe to use a small ball lineup with LeBron James as a power forward. But, after Kevin Love missed NBA Playoffs 2015, I'm sure that LeBron will want to have more options on the frontcourt because he wants to win back-to-back NBA title.

Who is available and who can help them at this moment?

Nerlens Noel to Cleveland Cavaliers?

Noel has been the center of trade talks and NBA rumors for awhile now. The Philadelphia 76ers have currently three All-Star potential Center’s in the team, with all of them capable of starting but there’s just not enough room for all 3.

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After receiving just eight minutes of playing time in Friday night’s 100-89 loss to the Los Angeles Lakers, fourth-year center Nerlens Noel continued to voice frustrations over the team’s depth at the center position.

“I need to be on the court playing basketball. I think I’m too good to be playing 8 minutes. That’s crazy. That’s crazy,” Noel said, repeating “that’s crazy” a few more times for extra impact. “(They) need to figure this shit out.”

Noel did not make an appearance in the second half.

He is unhappy with the Sixers and Cleveland Cavaliers need a big man. Noel can be a really good option at this moment. He is a tremendous rim protector and decent rebounder, and he is a better player than a veteran Chris Andersen.

The research that rival teams have done on Nerlens Noel is “not good,” per Wojnarowski, who adds that those clubs haven’t gotten good reports about the way the Sixers big man carries himself, and his habits. Teams are still interested in acquiring Noel, but they don’t want to give up a whole lot for him, so it’ll be interesting to see if Philadelphia eventually takes what it can get. The Sixers would probably love to see Noel put in a couple healthy and productive months before the deadline to improve his stock.

Noel is an interesting prospect, he is a lengthy big man who can run the floor and uses his athletic ability to finish around the rim. He has career averages of 10.5 PPG, 8.1 RBG, and shows of his ability to protect the rim with 1.7 blocks per game. He hasn’t exactly been a good fit in Philadelphia and could potentially put up better numbers if given the right situation. There are many teams in the league who would love to have him on their roster if the opportunity to trade for him became available.

The Cavaliers can offer Iman Shumpert for Nerlens Noel. Philadelphia have to trade Noel, because they will not match if someone offers him a big contract over the summer.

However, Cleveland need to find a big man and Noel is one of the best options on the market right now.


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