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NBA Trade Rumors: Kings talked to Lakers re: trading Cousins (George Karl book)

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The Kings have been surrounded by turmoil and disaster for as long as I could remember. The front office, as hard as they say they try, just can’t seem to get it right. Head Coach Dave Joerger hasn't brought in the winning culture everybody expected.

Rudy Gay and Darren Collison are decent players, but they just don’t seem like enough. All of these variables add up to equal a very bad culture for the entire Sacramento basketball franchise.

For All-Star Center, DeMarcus Cousins, that culture is something he almost surely wants no part of. At 29 points per game, he’s one of the premier scorers in the league, and a top big man in the game today. Other than Cousins, though, the Kings have no one. No young talent to build around, no big city market to lure free agents to, no valuable vets to spread wisdom and leadership. The Kings, it seems, are stuck in a perpetual no man's land. And in order to get out, there’s only one way.

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They need to trade DeMarcus Cousins. How likely is it? According to multiple reports, Sacramento was already thinking about a potential trade… with the Lakers.

According to Sean Cunningham, George Karl’s upcoming book “Furious George” details his stint with the Kings. In the book, Karl details talks between the Lakers and the Kings about a possible trade involving DeMarcus. What does this mean? Sacramento may be willing to trade Cousins after all.

With talks between the Kings and Lakers having taken place before, it may not be out of the question to think it could spark up again, especially with both L.A. and Sacramento being in less than ideal situations. L.A. would almost surely have to give up both D’Angelo Russell and Brandon Ingram, along with a vet like Nick Young or Jose Calderon. While that is an awful lot to give up, a superstar in a big market like Los Angeles would almost surely attract big name free agents. And for the Kings? They get a fresh start, with an actual young talent for the future. It is clear to see how both teams would benefit from a trade if they’d only pull the trigger on it.

While the current status of talks between L.A. and Sac-Town are not completely known right now, it’s safe to say that a trade between the two teams could be closer to happening than it has ever been before.


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