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NBA Trade Rumors: Kings, Heat Discuss Trade Involving Gay, Collison, Dragic


There is a recent rumor flying around the NBA about a possible trade between the Miami Heat and the Sacramento Kings.

It’s no secret that the Kings are desperate to get rid of Rudy Gay before the end of the season because Gay will opt out of his contract after the 2016-17 season. Because of this, the Kings have been shopping him around since last year, and the Heat seem to have taken the interest.

During the offseason, there was a talk of the Heat possibly acquiring Gay, but now it seems the talks are more serious. The trade rumor is: Rudy Gay and Darren Collison for Goran Dragic.

Let’s take a look at why this could benefit and hurt both teams.

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For the Kings, this would be a great trade that would benefit their need to get rid of Gay as soon as possible and to lift the burden of Collison, who is best suited for a backup point guard role.

Goran Dragic adds a nice piece in what the Kings were trying to find in Rajon Rondo. The Kings need a good, reliable, and efficient point guard. On offense, Goran can be unstoppable while he is on attack mode. And by playing with Hassan Whiteside for a couple of years, Dragic can establish a great pick-and-roll system with Demarcus Cousins. While the defense has been a problem for Dragic, he usually finds a way to make it work. This addition could also add some incentive for Cousins to stay, but that is not very likely.

Sacramento is best known for “where careers go to die,” but if Sacramento can draft well, sign nice role players (possibly a star), retain Cousins, and develop their young plays then maybe they could be in the talks for the playoffs within the next few years. But that is a long shot.

Miami can do better. Plainly put. This is a great trade for the Kings, but Pat Riley has to be smart enough not to propose or accept this trade. The best part about Miami right now is their young players, especially the hype of Justise Winslow, and Rudy Gay can take all of that away. If Gay is added to the roster, it is likely that he will be starting, which will offset the development of the young Winslow. Yet if Dragic leaves there will be room on the roster for a young Briante Weber who is trying to make the roster.

If Dragic were to be traded the Heat would have $42.3 million dollars in cap space, which allows for the signing of multiple max contracts during next year’s free agency frenzy.But this year is Dragic’s year. With Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh gone for the Heat, this young Miami Heat team is Goran’s for the taking. Not only does Dragic have chemistry with Whiteside, Winslow, and Richardson but he is ready to retain control of an offense, which he has not done since his days in Phoenix.

Overall, Dragic would be a nice addition for the Kings, and this makes sense for the Kings with Collison’s problems and Gay’s desire to leave. But, I do not think Pat Riley will make this trade unless he is willing to take a risk in the 2017 free agency pool, which does have a lot of enticing names (including the one that got away: Kevin Durant). But who knows, Pat Riley has been known to do and create crazier things, such as the Big Three.

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