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NBA Trade Rumors: Indiana Pacers could trade Monta Ellis?

NBA Trade Rumors Monta Ellis

Indiana Pacers are one of the biggest disappointments so far with the 10-11 record in the Eastern Conference.

A few nights ago, Klay erupts for career-high 60 points and Warriors destroy Pacers 142-106.

Indiana have the 2nd worst defense in the Eastern Conference (108.0 OPP PPG) after Brooklyn Nets (114.3 OPP PPG). Even the Sixers have a better defense (107.7 OPP PPG) than Indiana Pacers.

With Paul George, Jeff Teague, Monta Ellis, Thaddeus Young and Myles Turner, they have Top 5 starting lineup in the East, but it's not all about names on the court, it's about the team.

Paul George scores only 20.4 points per game and he should be a leader with more points and assists (only 3.6 per game) than he has so far. Maybe is a problem because he only shot 16 FG per game or maybe Monta Ellis and Jeff Teague are not a good fit for him.

The Pacers have the worst defensive bench in the league (43.1 points) and they should change something.

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Monta Ellis is a scorer, and with Paul George on the court, they need a better defensive player who can involve others to play like a team.

According to Basketball Insider Steve Kyler, Pacers would only consider trading Monta Ellis this season in his recent weekly chat.

“Not sure there is much the Pacers have to offer without ripping up the core, which I do not see them doing. I know they’d be open to moving Monta Ellis, but I am not sure what he returns. Maybe Orlando? I think they need a flat out scorer and there is some history with Vogel, but at this point, nothing is there.”

Monta has only 10.4 points per game (2nd lowest in his career) and the Pacers will probably trade him if they get a good offer.

The Pacers are 25th in the league in rebounding, with 42.4 team rebounds per game. They have a solid frontcourt with Turner and Young, but maybe they need a better big man who can rebound and lock the paint.

Serge Ibaka is a free agent next season and the Magic can't afford to lose him this season. Orlando have the 2nd worst offense in the league (93.2 points) and Monta Ellis could help him instantly.
What Indiana can offer for Serge Ibaka? They can offer Monta Ellis and CJ Miles. Both are good scorers and Orlando could back from the bench Vucevic and use him instead of Ibaka.

This move is a risk for the Pacers because Ibaka is a free agent, but they should take a risk because Paul George will not wait for them forever.


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