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NBA Trade Rumors: Greg Monroe to Sacramento Kings?


After what seemed like an endless summer for the Bucks, it is now safe to say that they failed to trade Greg Monroe this offseason. As a matter of fact, Gery Woelfel of The Journal Times said:

“Multiple NBA sources told me the Bucks accelerated their attempts to trade Monroe this summer — even though from a purely statistical standpoint he had a quality season, averaging 15.3 points and 8.8 rebounds.”

Monroe remains with the Bucks, and this point, it seems less likely that they’ll move him before the start of the regular season. However, that doesn’t mean they won’t continue trying to as the regular season progresses. 

Now, I have a question for you (the reader). What’s one team that has pretty much nothing to lose by trading for Greg Monroe (to improve their soon-to-be porous regular season record) and could potentially help the Bucks in the long run by trading with them? Ding ding ding. The Sacramento Kings. Currently, the Kings have way too many Centers. Like way too many. Here’s the trade I’m thinking could happen:

Milwaukee Bucks: Georgios Papagiannis

Sacramento Kings: Greg Monroe

Now, we’ve heard that the Bucks aren’t asking too much in exchange for the vet and I’m thinking, a young guy like Papagiannis is what the Bucks really need. I mean look at the roster for the Bucks. The average for the Bucks roster is 24.1 years of age. While only being 26 years old, Monroe moves like a man who you’d be surprised wasn’t in his late 30’s and on a youthful team like the Bucks, there’s no room for that on their roster. Especially when their starting center is not that much better than their second string center (Miles Plumlee). 

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If they truly aren’t asking for much than 2016 draft class rookie Papagiannis could be the guy for them. It's a risk, but where there is youth there is energy, strength and, more importantly, potential. Think of the other younger teams in the NBA, (ignore the 76ers in this case though). We have the Boston Celtics, the Toronto Raptors, the Utah Jazz all incredibly young teams with tremendous talent.

Monroe is a decent interior scorer and rebounder. His lack of speed, mobility and shooting range just makes him a tough fit in the modern NBA. What is brewing in Sacramento could be something similar to what's brewing in Detroit: an amazingly talented center centralized roster. You can't say a depth chart at center consisted of DeMarcus Cousins at starter and Greg Monroe on the nd string wouldn’t be one to be trifled with. Both teams would benefit greatly from this trade.

It’s becoming more and more of a possibility that Milwaukee will move Monroe just to improve on the sheer chemistry of the team. Guys like Middleton and Antetokounmpo (who just recently signed a 4-year, $100,000,000 extension with the Bucks) ooze chemistry, fast-paced offense and sturdy defense. Monroe, on the other hand, does none of that.

In fact, as a daily fantasy basketball player, I loved picking on Monroe and would add any moderately skilled center against him to my roster. That speaks volumes to how awful this big man’s defense is which I’d rank in the top five of worst center defense.

If I was the general manager for the Bucks, I’d get rid of Monroe for any player with moderate talent/potential I could get my hands on. Maybe someone like a... Papagiannis (SAC - C), Rudy Gay (SAC - SF), or Aron Baynes (DET - C)?


With the recent injury to Khris Middleton (SG) and him being out for at least 6 months, Greg Monroe will more than likely be traded in return for a SG. Now, we have to look for a team that is in need of a center like Monroe and could spare a shooting guard and that team is the Nets. They need a backup center to come off the bench after Lopez and could, in exchange, give up Hollis-Jefferson. Another team that could be considered are the Rockets that could give them Eric Gordon in exchange for Monroe.