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NBA Trade Rumors: Four Teams Showing Significant Interest In DeAndre Jordan


When the Clippers' season started to take a turn for the worst, the franchise once again found itself at the center of trade rumors and roster changes.

And, as you might expect, DeAndre Jordan is the most popular name among these rumors. Averaging just 9.9 points per game with 13.8 rebounds, DJ has not been the player his team needs him to be. The departure of Chris Paul meant that Griffin and Jordan were going to have to step up if they wanted to remain respectable in the West.

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Considering that dream is basically over now, and Jordan is the most expendable, the L.A. bigman is likely next in line to be traded.

According to the Racine Journal Times' Gery Woelfel, he's already drawing significant interest from multiple teams, with the Bucks, Raptors, Wizards, and Timberwolves currently leading the charge. Getting him out of L.A. won't come cheap, especially for the Bucks, as the Clips are apparently circling John Henson, Malcolm Brogdon Khris Middleton as their preferred targets in any trade involving Jordan and "are adamant in acquiring at least two of the aforementioned Bucks and may even demand all three of them."

If those reports are any indication of what their asking process is for all teams, it'll be interesting to witness just how far teams are willing to go for him.

We'll keep you updated as this story continues to develop in Los Angeles...