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NBA Trade Rumors: Eric Bledsoe, Jahlil Okafor, And More


Even though we're just ten games into the 2017-18 NBA season, the NBA rumor mill hasn't stopped flowing.

With teams still trying to find their idenitites, and some players trying to do the same, almost everybody seems expendable.

Guys like Eric Bledsoe, Jahlil Okafor, and others are practically halfway out the door already... but what's the latest on their situations?

Let's fill you in:

Jahlil Okafor


The information on the Okafor trade is a bit murky. Nobody is quite sure when (or if) the Sixers will pull the trigger on any offers. But Keith Pompey of the Philadelphia Inquirer reported that the 76ers are not willing to buy out his contract.

With that said, a trade seems like the inevitable option, and the Boston Celtics have been reported to be showing the most interest so far. Not only does Boston have more than enough assets to make an appealing offer, but Jahlil and his agent would likely push for a trade there as well, considering the high-market and talent of the team.

Nerlens Noel


Noel is in a very strange situation. He will be a free agent this upcoming summer, but his value is still very much up in the air. He's a young, athletic Center with a lot to offer on both sides of the floor. Although he's not star material, he's certainly got more than enough to offer in the right situation.

If the Mavs can find someone to take him, given it'd be a one-year rental, he is one to keep an eye on heading closer to the deadline.

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Iman Shumpert/Tristan Thompson


Something is wrong with the Cavaliers. Rumors have already been circulating about Tyronn Lue being on the coaching hot seat, but could they be looking to make even more changes?

Iman Shumpert and Tristan Thompson are the perfect trade pieces for Cleveland. Even though Shumpert plays a lesser role, and Tristan is missing time with injury, they still draw plenty of interest from the league. One of those teams has been the New York Knicks and Mavs, who inquired about TT earlier in the year. And for Shumpert, the Rockets have really been the only team showing real interest in him so far.

Eric Bledsoe


This is a trade that's bound to happen. The more time the Suns waste in trying to close a deal, the more of a detriment to the team it becomes.

Marc Stein of the New York Times reported the teams interested: the Nuggets, Pistons, Knicks, and Bucks.

It's clear to see that Bledsoe is drawing plenty of suitors, it's just a matter of time before he ends up with one of them. The most likely scenario seems to be the Nuggets, as they would seem like the most willing to give up more. Regardless, expect this trade to happen soon, and it could really shake some things up.

Reggie Jackson


The latest on Reggie Jackson seems to indicate that he may be staying in town for good, despite recent rumblings of his name being connected to the Bledsoe rumors.

In a chat with the press on Friday evening, team President and Coach, Stan Van Gundy, revealed that all the rumors led him to call Reggie himself to deny all the trade buzz:

"It was crazy yesterday," he told reporters last week. "I left practice yesterday, and there's a rumor out on Reggie and Bledsoe, so I had to get home and call Reggie and say we're not trading you for Bledsoe. I don't usually address all of them, but it's early in the season. You can't address all of them at the trade deadline, but I felt the need to address this."

Looks like the whole Reggie Jackson buzz was blown way out of proportion.