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NBA Trade Rumors: Could An Eastern Conference Contender Land Kawhi?


The Kawhi Leonard trade rumor sweepstakes have officially taken off, and the league is absolutely abuzz with any speculation regarding his next move.

Interestingly enough, one recent report by Yahoo! Sports senior writer Chris Mannix on First Things First not only alludes to Leonard's coming departure, he also names a potential landing spot: Beantown.

Even with as good as the Celtics have been all season long, a trade for one of the top five players in the league would, undoubtedly, dramatically increase their chances of taking home a trophy in June.

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And while they'd likely lose Jayson Tatum and a whole bunch of draft picks, the franchise would still be in optimal position for the future, with Kyrie Jaylen Brown there to add some youth. The probability of a deal like this actually happening are low, admittedly.

But, at the very least, it's definitely a notion worth thinking about.