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NBA Trade Rumors: Chicago Bulls Shopping Jimmy Butler


Jimmy Butler is the best player of Chicago Bulls, but they don't like the idea to build a team around him.

According to Ric Bucher of Bleacher Report, Butler is on the block:

League sources say the team made it known weeks ago through backchannels that shooting guard Jimmy Butler is available for the right price.

Did his recent 52 point game against the Hornets change the team’s thinking? Not likely.

League sources say the Bulls have been uncertain about building around Butler even after signing him to a 5 year, $95 million extension.

They have now 18-18, but everyone expected a better season and it will be very interesting who will send the best trade package for Jimmy Butler.

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Maybe the Boston Celtics can send a good offer for him?

To make this trade work the Celtics would give up Avery Bradley, Jae Crowder, and their 2017 first round pick that they obtained from the Brooklyn Nets. In exchange, the Bulls would give the Celtics Jimmy Butler and Paul Zipser.

This trade would benefit both parties because Chicago will get a lockdown perimeter defender in Avery Bradley, a good wing player in Jae Crowder and a first round pick that could help them in the rebuilding process. The Celtics will gain another All-star in Jimmy Butler who’ll bring even more athleticism to their team (Jaylen brown is a human highlight reel). He can score inside and out in a variety of ways: floaters, threes, alley-oops, post ups etc… all while playing great defense on the likes of Lebron James, Paul George and Demar Derozan.

Chicago is far to win the championship this season and maybe is the best moment to trade Jimmy Butler until the trade deadline.

What will say Dwyane Wade if Chicago Bulls trade Butler?

We should expect very hot months for Chicago Bulls and their fans.


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