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NBA Trade Rumors: Boston Celtics Will Offer a Big Trade Package For Anthony Davis

Anthony Davis Boston Celtics NBA Trade Rumors

The Celtics are 9-7 to start this season, and they are not satisfied with the standings right now. Over the summer, they signed Al Horford but that is not enough to play against the best team in the NBA.

Danny Ainge has four draft picks 2017 and he is ready to trade some of them, according to league sources.

The Boston Celtics have played most of this season with at least one starter out due to injury, but even at full strength they’re going to struggle rebounding the ball.

“That is why they will forever — or at least the next three-plus months, whichever comes first — be linked with any and every big man who 1) wants to be traded or 2) is on the trading block.

“But I’m told the Celtics at this point are only interested in potential “game changers” on the trade market.

“One name to keep an eye on is New Orleans’ Anthony Davis.

“The only way Davis will come into play is if Davis wants out, something that isn’t that far-fetched when you consider the steady run of injuries he’s enduring on a team that’s going nowhere fast.

“The Celtics have draft picks galore, young talent with very team-friendly contracts and being in the East, that would mean the Pelicans would only see Davis twice a season.

“But again, it all depends on whether Davis wants out of New Orleans.

“That doesn’t appear to be his desire . . . for now at least.”

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New Orleans Pelicans have 6-11 at this moment and Anthony Davis has a very interesting statement in September.

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"We want to be kind of like how Boston was last year: not having a lot of talent, but them guys play hard," Davis said. "That's how they were able to win games. That's what we want."

What they can offer? The Celtics could offer a really great trade package for Anthony Davis.

- 2017 first round draft pick from Brooklyn, 2019 first round draft pick from Memphis, Marcus Smart, Jae Crowder and Amir Johnson.

That could be a tremendous offer for the best power forward in the NBA, because they could have a top draft pick next season.

It will be very interesting this season how Anthony Davis will react if New Orleans Pelicans struggling continue.

The Unibrow is in the league 5 years and he played only once in the NBA playoffs. Maybe is time to change something.

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