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NBA Trade Rumors: Boston Celtics Want Andre Drummond?


All sources lean towards an Andre Drummond trade to the Boston Celtics. The young center is reportedly on Boston’s radar just two days before the NBA’s trade deadline.

Drummond has been involved in a lot of media activity recently over Twitter with Boston’s All-Star point guard - Isaiah Thomas. Drummond also removed the Detroit Pistons from his twitter bio and unfollowed the Pistons account before setting his Twitter profile picture to him waving goodbye.

All these signs suggest that Drummond is on the move from Detroit and is on his way to joining the Boston Celtics.

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It’s not yet reported who the Celtics have offered up in return for the 23-year-old center but a deal involving both Amir Johnson and Marcus Smart seems highly likely. The Celtics also have a 2017 first-round Draft pick (from the Brooklyn Nets) that could interest the Pistons.

Drummond has had a good season so far for the Detroit Pistons averaging a double-double a game with 14.6 ppg and 13.8 rpg. Drummond is second in the League in rebounds per game and is one of the best players in the paint in the NBA at the moment. At 23 years old, Drummond still has more to learn and can get even better with time.

Drummond would be a great addition to the Celtics giving them more options down low at the post. If Drummond were to go to Boston we would most likely see current starting center, Al Horford, move to the power forward position and then Drummond would start at center.

To think of a duo of Horford and Drummond on the same team is an exciting prospect and they would instantly become one of the best Frontcourts in the League.

Drummond would also be provided with good passes from Celtics point guard, Isaiah Thomas. The trio of Thomas, Horford and Drummond is exciting to think about and is one every fan of the NBA would be excited to see play together on the court.

Expect to see a deal done in the next day or so if this deal does go ahead.


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