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NBA Trade Rumors: A Super Team In The Big Easy?


When the fire started burning in New York City basketball, most of questioned how long Carmelo Anthony was willing to stay on a sinking ship.

At least 12 months later, Carmelo Anthony isn't any further away from disaster. In fact, he's almost become part of the disaster now. He's trying to stay cool, as we saw in a presser a few days ago. But the situation in New York is hard for anyone to just ignore.

After weeks of supposedly wanting out, Melo still finds himself wearing the Purple and Orange. At first, a trade to the Houston Rockets seemed inevitable. To most, it still does. But with such much time passing, it's starting to seem like a deal may never be reached.

And with a new team starting to get in the picture, the Rockets may be losing out.

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Partly thanks to DeMarcus Cousins, that new team is the New Orleans Pelicans. Judging by Cousins' recent Instagram activity, he could be trying to recruit Carmelo there to form yet another Western Conference super team.

Considering DeMarcus wasn't known for recruiting guys to the Kings, this has to be great news for Pelicans fans. Boogie is taking it upon himself to at least give the Pels consideration in all these trade talks. He certainly hasn't held back on his thoughts concerning a Carmelo arrival in the Big Easy.

So far, New Orleans isn't a team Melo would reportedly waive his no trade clause for. Only Houston and Cleveland have been on Melo's short list of desirable destinations.

But maybe with a little push by Boogie and a serious meeting with the Pels' organization, the New York star could be convinced to change his mind. With the clock ticking for a fresh NBA season, things will start happening quickly as the summer fades out.

If the Pelicans want to seriously pursue Carmelo Anthony, they better act fast.