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NBA Trade Rumors: 5 Best Trade Destinations for Rudy Gay

Rudy Gay NBA Trade Rumors

Although the Kings owner has said that he would actually like to keep Rudy on the Kings, it has been made fairly clear that Rudy will be leaving the team at the end of the year. Given that he is not a happy camper and will likely be leaving at the end of the year anyways there is a very good chance he is traded. And just as an FYI, this is more about fit on other teams than what are the best trades per say.

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Miami Heat

The Heat admittedly do not have a ton of ammo in the chamber to try and snag Gay and several of their best guys for the job could not be traded until later in the year so they would probably have to wait.

HOWEVA, Gay's trade value may end up being low enough that Pat Riley could try and work some magic to get Rudy Gay in Miami.

Rudy would be an excellent fit for the Heat as long as they did not give up any of their bigger names or a first round pick. (Admittedly, they have very few picks to give beyond their first rounder in the next draft. And they probably should not trade that).

Riley has said that the Heat are “rebuilding” but that they are still going to win, and a base of Goran Dragic and Hassan Whiteside is good enough to try and win now.

If they could get Gay for pretty cheap, Miami is likely one of the places that could get for sure re-sign him, and he would fill a fairly gaping hole at the SF spot and also replace some of the iso scoring/late in the shot clock bucket getting that the Heat have lost with Wade leaving and Bosh likely being finished. (Pour one out for him. Holy c**p does that suck.) 

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If he re-signed for a respectable amount, the Heat can continue their rebuild while not feeling like they are wasting the primes of Dragic and Whiteside.

Phoenix Suns

Before you say “OMG WHAT DO YOU MEAN” hear me out on this one. The Suns were so bad last year due to an absurd amount of injuries more than anything else. If Bledsoe, Knight, and Chandler are healthy for most of the year (which is admittedly a bit of a long shot) the Suns could suddenly find themselves right back in the playoff mix and their starting SF figures to still be PJ Tucker.

Unless T.J. Warren makes a nice leap (which is possible) having a good small forward on the roster would be the most obvious place for improvement, and if they are in the playoff mix I could potentially see the Suns deciding to let go of some of their (lesser) young assets to get Gay.

His fit is a bit questionable since both Knight and Bledsoe are good iso scorers as well, but he would almost certainly be a sizable upgrade on the other small forwards on the roster, so as long as they did not give up too much for him it could be a nice fit.

Chicago Bulls

Ok so this is a joke. But it would be hilarious. They could just play Gay at PF and have a starting lineup of 4 guys who are iso scorers and questionable shooters. I think they should just go all in on the 90s ball and roll with it while talking about how playing Rudy Gay at PF is basically their version of the Warriors death lineup. I think it would be hilarious and awesome.

Cleveland Cavaliers

I don't know exactly what sort of ammo they would have in the tank to make this work, and the Cavs also already have 2 very good forwards of course. But they are a team that could actually use Gay as just an expiring. He could be a swiss army knife off the bench for the Cavs, running the bench offense and also slotting in at SF in their small lineups featuring Kevin Love at center, they could even potentially try and play huge with Gay essentially playing the 2. (That would be super goofy, I don't know if it would work but it would be interesting).

Essentially, Gay is versatile enough that he would give the Cavs great insurance against injuries all year, and would be a great weapon to try and counter the Warriors in the Finals.

Los Angeles Clippers

This one is fairly obvious, although like some others on the list they don't have a ton of assets to use. But the Clippers currently figure to be starting either Luc Mbah a Moute or Wesley Johnson at SF this year.

Either one could have a serious case for worst starting player on a very serious contender, and is by far the Clippers most gaping hole. There is added pressure to try and win now since even the guys on the team have admitted that this group may be no it's last legs.

Gay would slot right in as the starting SF and complete one of the most formidable starting lineups in basketball, as long as he could fit into a 3rd (or possibly 4th depending on how you count some things) banana role on the team he would be a knockout grab for the team.


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