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NBA Trade Rumors: 10 Players Who Will Be Moved By The Deadline

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Sometimes when a player thinks he’s doing the right thing to be successful and have a long run in their respective teams but the franchise things otherwise and they are more likely to leave the organization and even the league than being important agents in the chase of glory.

The NBA has seen plenty of these cases where players think –or in some cases are aware- of their bad moments and now the only way out is precisely getting out of the team.

This season there have been several cases of these players and you can say their future is far from the current organizations they’re part of right now. It’s kind of unfair when this happens, but it is what it is and players must be live with that.

So, let’s take a look at some of the players that are or were good and right now won’t be able to play for their current team the way they want. Today we’re going to list some players that probably won’t last in their teams until February deadline.

Nerlens Noel

nerlens noel nba dallas free agent

Nerlens has been an eternal promise waiting to explode, but so far nothing has happened. Sure, he has the tools, but injuries have damaged him and the other people’s confidence about his regularity and availability.

Perhaps this is the main reason why the Dallas Mavericks won’t be counting with Noel very soon. It must be really painful when your coach doesn’t trust you and that’s exactly what’s happening with the big man. Plus, the team has decided to use the German twin towers in Dirk Nowitzki and Maxi Kleber.

George Hill


Ever since he left the Indiana Pacers, George Hill has been struggling to find a good shape and a good team; right now he’s part of the Sacramento Kings, where he hasn’t been a decent player and the team hasn’t helped him, either.

Besides, De’Aaron Fox is the owner of the team and unfortunately plays in Hill’s position. Sacramento is not a contender, it won’t be in the near future and when they finally contend, they won’t need Hill at all.

Derrick Favors

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Just like George Hill in Sacramento, Derrick Favors is unnecessary in his team, the Utah Jazz. Favors made himself a known name during his tenure in Salt Lake City and he surely will take advantage of that when he becomes a free agent next offseason.

Favors want to play in a contender team and the team knows he doesn’t want to renovate the contract, so both parts are trying to have a win-win situation, and the Jazz need to move him ASAP while he still has some value.

Tyson Chandler

Tyson Chandler

I didn’t even know Tyson Chandler was still playing ball. Well, the big man is past his prime so he now spends his time in Arizona watching how his team, the Phoenix Suns gives minutes to Alex Len, Marquese Chriss and Dragan Bender while Chandler is doing whatever he does there.

If the Suns want to get rid of the veteran, they will have to offer a pick in order to get a decent deal for Tyson, as they’re going to have a very tough time to find anybody willing to absorb that very bad deal for a washed out player.

Julius Randle


Randle landed in this league being watched as a very good prospect, but so far he’s been good, but not great. Plus, this season the Lakers drafted this kid named Kyle Kuzma that is totally killing it, plus Larry Nance Jr., Randle will be playing with a different jersey in next months.

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He’ll become a free agent next summer and seeing his age and the talent he has demonstrated he got, Julius won’t miss pretenders, but the Los Angeles Lakers need to act fast if they want to make the most out of him.

Channing Frye


Good thing for Frye is that he’s made some reputation during these first months of competition with the Cleveland Cavaliers. He’s been a recurrent face in Cleveland’s second unit and that might help him to get a new destination, but right now there is no place for him in LeBron’s team.

His age, his bad defense and his struggles with the triple are the main reasons why Cleveland needs and must trade Frye right away, but they’re going to package him alongside other spare parts or picks to find any grabbers.

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Zach Randolph


Contrary to what many people believe, Randolph has maintained a decent level during his stay with the Sacramento Kings this season. He still is productive and is there when the team needs him, but right now Sacramento is about rebuilding, developing and young blood, so Randolph needs to step aside and let youngster do their thing.

Players like Skal Labissiere or Willie Cauley Stein need to see minutes if they want to develop their talents, and Zach Randolph can still help a contending team off the bench, so he needs to get the hell out of there.

Wilson Chandler


Chandler case is kind of similar to Nerlens Noel’s. He’s very good when healthy, but the main problem is that he almost never is like that. Chandler has spent so many times on injury list that Denver got used to play without him.

However, he’s versatile and always finds the way to be helpful for his team, so, if any team wants him and his body helps him, Chandler will have plenty of teams trying to acquire his services.

Ersan Ilyasova


Ilyasova is currently playing on a team with zero expectations like the Atlanta Hawks and even though the giant has been good this season, he’s not what his team needs right now. Ilyasova and Randolph are going through quite a similar situation, as they’re good in their respective teams, but they aren’t what their organizations need.

In this case, the Hawks need to tank and develop their youngsters. Ilyasova might be very attractive to contender teams thanks to his 3-pointers and ability to stretch the floor as a big man with a lot of range.

Al Jefferson


It looks like we’re ripping off veterans on this list, but we’re not. Nevertheless, Al Jefferson is useless for his team. Maybe the Pacers could use his knowledge and experience but nothing more.

Indiana wants young players; they count with Cory Joseph and Victor Oladipo as leader of the teams, so it will be very unlikely to see Big Al playing at the Bankers Life Fieldhouse in the future when his team counts with players like Myles Turner, Domantas Sabonis and T.J. Leaf.