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NBA Trade Ideas: One Player That Every Team Should Trade Before The Deadline

NBA Trade Ideas: One Player That Every Team Should Trade Before The Deadline

Deals and trades are always taking place in the National Basketball Association, either during the offseason or before the deadline, as teams are always looking to get better for the future to compete for a playoff spot.

Other teams just look further ahead and try to get young assets for a long-term project, so they have to part ways with some veterans that could help them get picks and youngsters in return when their takes enter win-now mode and just can’t wait for the young ballers to improve.

Sadly, some of the teams sleep on some moves they should do to get better for the future, and that’s why today we’re going to explain them exactly what they need to do as soon as possible, with our “trade every team needs to do” guide.

Atlanta Hawks - Kent Bazemore

The Atlanta Hawks need to get rid of Kent Bazemore as soon as possible, as he’s not good enough to be a part of their rebuilding process but he could be a very valuable asset for some team’s bench. Having said that, he could be worth a late 1st round pick to help the young Atlanta Hawks for the foreseeable future. So, when the Hawks season hits the ground even worse, expect them to move him.

Brooklyn Nets - Trevor Booker

The Brooklyn Nets need to move Trevor Booker in order to get anything at all in return, as the veteran power forward is set to become an unrestricted free agent and considering how poorly Brooklyn has fared, he’s definitely going to walk away for nothing. Besides, as a capable power forward off the bench he could have a lot of suitors interested in his rebounding and experience.

Boston Celtics - Semi Ojele and Guerschon Yabusele

Boston has gotten off to a terrific start of the season, even racking up impressive victories without Kyrie Irving, Al Horford and Gordon Hayward. Still, they can even get better if they manage to get a late 1st rounder for the upcoming Draft, giving away Semi Ojeleye and Guerschon Yabusele in order to do so.

Charlotte Hornets - Michael Kidd Gilchrist

The Charlotte Hornets will have to be honest with themselves and just give up on Michael Kidd Gilchrist, as the injury-prone wing has never been able to be a consistent or reliable scorer or defender. He’s still has some value as a former prospect and a team needing depth in the wings may use his services, and anything would be better than him for Charlotte at this point.

Cleveland Cavaliers - Iman Shumpert

The Cleveland Cavaliers need to try and move Iman Shumpert, as he doesn’t want to be in the team and he hasn’t got much playing time and has completely lost his shooting stroke due to lack of volume. In order to do so, they’re going to need to pair him with Tristan Thompson, who has mightily struggled but that could attract some suitors thanks to his ability to own the glass in the offensive end.

Chicago Bulls - Nikola Mirotic or Bobby Ports

If the Chicago Bulls intend to avoid being the league’s laughingstock for the remainder of the season, they need to part ways either with Bobby Portis or Nikola Mirotic, as the two of them obviously can be in the same locker room right now. So far, it seems like Chicago has sided with Portis, picking up his option while Mirotic is recovering from his injuries and hasn’t even replied to the team’s texts.

Dallas Mavericks - Nerlens Noel

The new look Dallas Mavericks have looked quite better than expected during the early going, but they haven’t gotten much production off standout defender Nerlens Noel. The athletic freak is desperate for some playing time and he’s not getting much under Carlisle, so he’s very likely to walk away this offseason. So, any team would be interested in a one year rental in him with a desire to hand him an extension, and they could be willing to part ways with a 2nd rounder in order to do so.

Denver Nuggets - Emmanuel Mudiay and Wilson Chandler

The Denver Nuggets have finally gone back to their former self and they seem to be a lock to make the playoffs this season, but they can get even better by adding a capable veteran that can help lead the way alongside Harris, Jokic and Millsap. So, they’d be smart to part ways with both Emmanuel Mudiay and Wilson Chandler, a couple of intriguing assets that could get them a lot of value in return.

Detroit Pistons - Stanley Johnson

With Tobias Harris in town, the Detroit Pistons just don’t need Stanley Johnson, as the third year youngster has really failed to live up to the expectations that surrounded him coming out of college. Johnson hasn’t improved a single bit, struggles with his shot and has even had major defensive meltdowns, but he’s still young and has a high ceiling, so he should have several takers.

Golden State Warriors - Kevon Looney and Zaza Pachulia

The Golden State Warriors seem like a perfect team at first sight, but even good things can get better. So, in order to do that, they could shock everybody and deal Kevon Looney alongside Zaza Pachulia, to hand more minutes to standout rookie Jordan Bell, and veterans David West and JaVale McGee. Those pieces wouldn’t give them much in return, but they could at least land a couple of second-round picks.

Houston Rockets - Bobby Brown and Troy Williams

The Houston Rockets desperately need a decent point guard off the bench, so they’d have to try and deal Bobby Brown and Troy Williams in order to do so. Sadly, there aren’t going to be much takers for this kind of deal, so they’d have to also part ways with a first-round pick in order to attract a capable backup. Still, with their 1st rounder likely to fall among the last 5 or 10, it would make sense for them.

Indiana Pacers - Thad Young

The Indiana Pacers have looked extremely well this season despite their youth, so they have to continue through that path and deal Thad Young as soon as they can. Young has a lot of value and upside and could be a very decent asset for a contender, while they can just trust Domantas Sabonis with the starting power forward spot, while Young would have a chance to actually compete elsewhere.

Los Angeles Clippers - Austin Rivers

This one’s going to be really tough for them, but they need to be honest with themselves and just send away Austin Rivers. Doc Rivers’ son isn’t going to be as good as expected and he’s vastly overrated and shouldn’t be playing that many minutes. Still, being young and versatile, he could have several suitors willing to take a gamble on him.

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Los Angeles Lakers - Julius Randle

It’s been a long time since we all thought Julius Randle was going to be a Blake Griffin - like a force in the Association, and the surges of Ivica Zubac and especially Larry Nance Jr and Kyle Kuzma have made him quite expendable. Besides, him being a free agent this offseason and with the Lakers keen to clear cap space, it just makes a lot of sense, and he has a lot of upsides so he could get some nice pieces in return.

Memphis Grizzlies - Chandler Parsons

Chandler Parsons has been a major bust ever since inking that lucrative long-term deal with the Memphis Grizzlies, and he doesn’t look nearly as good as he seemed during his Houston Rockets and Dallas Mavericks tenures. He needs to be eased back into the game to go back to his old self, and patience seems to be running out for the Grizz and their fans, so it would be better for both parties to just call it a day.

Miami Heat - Tyler Johnson and Josh Richardson

The Miami Heat are one of the deepest teams in the game right now and they can feature as much as 11 different players per matchup, but they don’t have the kind of talent in their ranks to be an actual threat. So, they could try to bring an All-Star talent to South Beach if they part ways with Tyler Johnson and Josh Richardson, a couple of very productive youngsters that would make an incredibly attractive package.

Minnesota Timberwolves - Shabazz Muhammad

The Minnesota Timberwolves desperately need shooting and are quite stacked in the wings right now, so the most tradeable asset for them has to be Shabazz Muhammad. He is a very productive player off the bench and he could provide some depth to a contending side, while the Timberwolves could try to acquire a sharpshooter to fix their spacing problems in the second round with a pick they get out of this deal.

Milwaukee Bucks - Jabari Parker

Jabari Parker seemed to be one of the best young players in the world when the Milwaukee Bucks first got to him, but considering how injury prone he’s been and how well they’ve fared without him, they should try to move him to a tanking team in exchange for some role players, especially some more capable than DeAndre Liggins and Tony Snell, so they can add some true depth come playoff time.

New Orleans Pelicans - E'twaun Moore

Omer Asik has pretty much zero value right now, but a team could use his contract to clear some cap space. Sadly, to take the injured big man, they’d have to part ways with E'twaun Moore as well, but they could be able to have a lot of money to try and put some nice pieces around Anthony Davis, DeMarcus Cousins and Jrue Holiday the upcoming offseason.

New York Knicks - Joakim Noah

The New York Knicks have gotten off to a much better start of the season than everybody expected, so they could try to keep the momentum going by adding some young players to try and help off the bench for the future. Knicks desperately need to dump Noah’s awful contract, but the problem is that he is an injury-prone player and the only solution is that Knicks have to add Kyle O'Quinn or someone else. The maximum they can get for Joakim Noah is the 2nd round pick.

Oklahoma City Thunder - Kyle Singler

The Oklahoma City Thunder is perhaps the team that needs more help off the bench right now after dealing away several pieces in order to get a one year rental in All-Star duo of Paul George and Carmelo Anthony. And they definitely need to have a better backup at the wings than Kyle Singler, so they need to waive him and try to take a look at the G-League and make a better signing that could actually contribute.

Orlando Magic - Elfrid Payton

Elfrid Payton still has some time to blossom into a very good defender and he’s proven to be an outstanding playmaker, but his shot is just never going to get fixed. The Magic has fared quite well with him on the bench and even sidelined, as he’s been quite injury prone as well. Nonetheless, he could get them a 1st round pick back, so they should try and move him ASAP looking ahead to the future.

Philadelphia 76ers - Jahlil Okafor

It’s been well known that Jahlil Okafor isn’t happy at the City of Brotherly Love, while the 76ers are in absolutely no rush to move him and have been reluctant to the idea of a buyout scenario. Okafor’s value is dropping by the minute and they better find a good suitor right now, as he’s not getting nearly half the value he could’ve had if they’ve moved him the past season as everybody expected.

Phoenix Suns - Tyson Chandler

Tyson Chandler is nowhere near his former dominant self from his glory days back with the Dallas Mavericks or New York Knicks, and he’s just taking a handful of minutes away from young prospects that could use the playing time to blossom. Still, it’s going to be extremely harsh to move his big contract due to his age and lack of productivity, so they’re likely to have to part ways with a prospect as well to move him.

Portland Trail Blazers - Mayers Leonard and Noah Vonleh

Meyers Leonard and Noah Vonleh are huge busts and they’re not helping the Portland Trail Blazers a single bit. Still, a big man with range and a young prospect can still turn some heads, so they could be worth a late 1st round pick in this year or a future Draft, so they should be on the phone right now trying to move them.

San Antonio Spurs - Davis Bertans

Bertans doesn't have a good season with the Spurs, averaging only 3.4 points per game with 0.8 rebounds and 0.7 assists. He is a solid talent, good three-point shooter and he will probably have a better role somewhere else. With Rudy Gay on the power forward position, the best case for both sides will be a trade. At this moment, 2nd round pick is a fair price and maybe Gregg Popovich will find a gold once again like he did with Manu Ginobili 19 years ago.

Sacramento Kings - Kosta Koufus

Kosta Koufos has finally lost his starting spot with the Sacramento Kings, and he’s one of the worst big men in the league by a long shot. Still, considering how shorthanded some teams are at the 4-5 spots, they could use the longtime veteran to try and grab some boards. Sadly, he’s only worth a late second round pick, but they’d be eager to take it in their rebuilding process.

Toronto Raptors - Bruno Caboclo

Remember when we all thought the Toronto Raptors were completely nuts for taking Bruno Caboclo with a 1st round pick when nobody was going to take him away from them in the second round? Well, we were right. Caboclo should be on his way out alongside his compatriot Bebe Nogueira, and with both of them having a lot of upsides but being extremely rough right now, they could be worth a late 1st round and a 2nd rounder, and the Raptors should take that deal.

Utah Jazz - Derrick Favors

Derrick Favors isn’t happy with his current role with the Utah Jazz now that Rudy Gobert has emerged as their go-to-guy down low, and he’s likely to walk away this summer to try and play for a contending side delighted to ink him to a long-term deal. So, Utah should try and deal him while he’s still worth something, and considering his ability to score and rebound, they could be in for a treat with what they get in return.

Washington Wizards - Tomas Satoransky

With John Wall handling most of the touches and minutes in the Washington Wizards offense and Tim Frazer backing him up for the few minutes he’s not in the hardwood, they just don’t need a Tomas Satoransky that has mightily struggled to make the adjustment to the NBA. So, they could deal the European combo guard in exchange of a late second rounder, with the team that gets him immediately waiving him.