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NBA Rumors: Top 5 Best Destinations For Chris Bosh

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Chris Bosh is reportedly not done, and after spending 2 and a half seasons in the shelf due to a life-threatening blood clots related injury, he’s stated that he’s keen to make a comeback to the league this very same season.

Bosh was extremely frustrated and mad at the Miami Heat organization for not letting him come back the prior campaign, but the franchise stated that they were just trying to prevent a major health issue with the 2 time NBA Champion.

The big man was one of the best players in the league before falling down with an injury, and he was even set to be the main man in Miami with both LeBron and Wade out of the picture, but unfortunately, he wasn’t able to live up to that expectation.

Still, he’s vowed to get back in game shape and he has stated that he’ll look for a contending team in a winning situation. So, let’s talk about the top 5 destinations for the 11 time All-Star.

5. Golden State Warriors

Come on, who wouldn’t want to play for the Golden State Warriors? Also, Bosh is a prime center for this kind of team, as he’s more than able to stretch the floor with his ability to shoot from beyond the arc.

Also, he was a very gifted and underrated defensive player, and he’d be a major upgrade over Zaza Pachulia, and he wouldn’t have to play much minutes with this team always trying to go small.

4. Houston Rockets

Bosh would also be in a great situation and with a very high chance of winning his third NBA Championship with the Houston Rockets, considering this team also features the kind of uptempo offense the Warriors use.

Besides, he would also be brought back slowly for the Rockets with Clint Capela logging most of the minutes and workload down low, with him being featured in all shooting lineups alongside Paul, Gordon, Harden and Anderson.

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3. Cleveland Cavaliers

Chris Bosh already knows what is like to play with LeBron James, and the two of them were reportedly very close during their Miami Heat tenure, and with Kevin Love still looking for some time in the sidelines, he’d be a very good addition.

Also, the Cavs just lost Channing Frye and lack depth in the frontcourt, and he could be that stretch four/five they lack at this time, plus another Championship run alongside James would be a very nice way to finish his career.

2. Boston Celtics

This one would be kind of the ultimate sin, but if he wants to get back at Pat Riley and the Miami Heat organization, he might just sign with their major rivals during the Big 3 era and join the Boston Celtics.

Boston is one of the most stacked teams in the Eastern Conference and one of the favorites to make the Finals this year, and Greg Monroe has really struggled to get anything going in both ends of the hardwood since joining the team.

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1. Toronto Raptors

And of course, we can’t leave the Toronto Raptors out of the picture, as they’re finally playing at a top-tier level and have climbed all the way to the top of the Eastern Conference and look like a legit threat to go the distance in the playoffs this year.

Making a Championship run at Toronto would be incredible for Bosh, considered to be one of the best players in franchise history. CB was a major stud during his Raptors tenure, and it would be great to end things where it all started.