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NBA Rumors: Top 3 Destinations for Reggie Jackson

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

With the trade deadline, fast approaching, one name that is coming up in trade talks is the Piston point guard, Reggie Jackson. On the season, Jackson is averaging about 15 points and 5 assists, and with the Pistons slumping maybe it is time to trade him and move on. So here are my top three destinations for him.

Orlando Magic

Frankly, I hope Jackson doesn’t go here. It would be a waste of his talent, seeing him waste away in Orlando would be a travesty. However, the Magic have a lot of young players and assets that they can move, so it makes sense. The Magic have been starting different point guards (when they should be starting Payton every game) so at least this would give them a good point guard.

The Pistons in return could get a good young player and a pick back for Jackson and that seems about fair. There are reports that the trade will be DJ Augustine and Jeff Green for Jackson, which is an incredible win for the Magic. So, this seems to be the most probable destination, but I hope it doesn’t happen.

Minnesota Timberwolves

The Wolves right now are three and a half games back of eighth place in the Western Conference, and if they want a chance at making the playoffs they need a better point guard. While Rubio is a tremendous passer, that’s about all he can do. He isn’t a deadeye shooter, doesn’t finish well around the rim, isn’t a great defender (he can get steals, though), and Jackson would be a much better option. Jackson can score, make threes, defend and all that.

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With Jackson as the head of the snake of the wolves defense, it should pick up, and their offense should improve as well. A straight up Rubio for Jackson trade would be nice. Let Jackson lead the wolves, and let Rubio run pick and lob with Drummond.

Sacramento Kings

After the biggest trade of the season (DeMarcus Cousins to New Orleans Pelicans), their second-best player is Darren Collison. He is a good point guard, but they need more.

The Kings can combine Jackson with Buddy Hield and if they protect their 1st pick (going to Chicago, but protected for selections 1-10 in 2017), they could have a really good backcourt for the next season plus top pick on their roster.

What can they offer for Reggie Jackson? Darren Collision and Ben McLemore should be enough for this deal.

Jackson is a good player and can definitely help a team out on both sides of the floor. As the Pistons are in the eighth spot in the East I can see him staying, but with a good enough package, a team might be able to add Jackson.


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