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NBA Latest Rumors: T.J. McConnell to the Cavaliers?


It’s been a weird season for T.J McConnell so far. Just after the start of the NBA season, there was talks of the 24-year-old point guard being released from the Philadelphia 76ers or being sent to their D-League affiliate - the Delaware 87ers. Since then though it’s been a miraculous turnaround for the young guy and McConnell is now the starting point guard for Philadelphia.

From a buzzer-beating shot to win the game for Philadelphia against the Knicks to his overall play, McConnell has been playing good basketball recently and it hasn’t went unnoticed.

Cleveland Cavaliers are in need of a backup point guard in case anything happens Kyrie Irving which could lead to him missing time. Currently, the Cavs have Kay Felder (21 years old) as the backup point guard for the team but Kay is too young and inexperienced to run the position efficiently for the Cavs. Kay has potential and in the future could run that role for Cleveland but as of now, the Cavs need someone else as there isn’t anyone on the team apart from Kyrie Irving and Kay Felder whose primary position is the point guard slot.

The Cavs are reported to have recently contacted the Philadelphia 76ers to inquire about a trade for McConnell. The 76ers have said that they’d like to keep their current starting point guard but the Cavs reportedly offered up Jordan McRae for McConnell. That’s all we have heard though about the situation for the moment.

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This deal might be surprising for a lot of people (I know it was for me when I first saw the news) but really it could work out well for the Cavs if T.J. ended up in Ohio.

The Cavs reportedly need a playmaking-type point to run the second unit and McConnell could fit in great for the Cavs as that’s exactly what he is. McConnell currently averages 5.6 ppg and 6 apg in 23.7 minutes per game and he knows how to dish the ball out to his teammates. McConnell averages 9.2 assists per 36 minutes which is an impressive stat that might be overlooked.

This is a trade we could definitely see happening as the Cavs would surely add another piece to the trade in order to bring the ‘last piece of the jigsaw’ that the Cavs need to bring back another NBA Championship to the city of Cleveland this year.


This is just a report and we already know where there's smoke, there's fire.


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