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NBA Free Agency 2017: Top 3 Possible Destinations For Andre Iguodala

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The Golden State Warriors ‘Star sixth-man’ runs out of contract at the end of this year’s NBA season. Many people think that fan-favourite ‘Iggy’ will end up leaving ‘The Bay’ in the Summer so we’ve compiled a list of the top 3 destinations for Andre Iguodala if he decides not to resign with the Warriors in the offseason.

Houston Rockets

Already title contenders, the Rockets are set to have a good run in the NBA Playoffs this year. We most likely won’t see the Rockets lifting any trophies this year though as they still aren’t as strong a squad as they could be. Currently, the Rockets have Trevor Ariza as the starting small forward on the team. The addition of Andre Iguodala in the offseason would bolster the overall strength of the squad and give the roster more depth. 

The Rockets is probably the top destination for ‘Iggy’ if he chooses not to re-sign with Golden State during the Summer.

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Philadelphia 76ers

Iguodala spent the first eight years of his NBA career playing with the 76ers, which added up to a total of 615 games. During his time in Philly, Andre started every single game he played in for the 76ers. Now, we see Philadelphia with a very young squad who hope to become title contenders in the coming years. At the moment though the 76ers are nowhere near the Title contending team they can be. The addition of Iggy in the offseason would make him an ideal sixth man for the squad. 

Iguodala could also offer up plenty of advice to young small forward - Ben Simmons, who is yet to make an appearance in the NBA in a Sixers uniform. Expect a reunion in Philly during the Summer if Iguodala chooses to move from the Warriors.

New Orleans Pelicans

The Pelicans currently have one of the top frontcourts in the NBA at the moment with DeMarcus Cousins and Anthony Davis running the power forward and centers spots on the court. Solomon Hill is the Pelicans starting small forward at the moment but bringing Andre Iguodala to New Orleans would leave the squad with a major upgrade at the small forward spot. 

Andre currently averages 7 ppg, 4 rpg and 3.4 apg in 26.2 mpg. If Iguodala made a move to the Pels we would see his numbers go up as he would be getting a lot more playing time. New Orleans is another major landing spot for Andre if he leaves San Francisco in June.

Because Durant would need to be signed with cap space, the large cap holds of both Shaun Livingston ($10.9 million) and Andre Iguodala ($16.7 million) would need to be renounced. Curry’s $18 million free-agent cap hold will now be replaced with a likely $36 million salary. The remainder of the roster would be filled using the room mid-level exception and minimum players, meaning the total committed salaries for next season will likely be $135 million. Golden State will likely be in the luxury tax with a $21.5 million penalty. A. Under contract Kevin Durant $36,050,000. Stephen Curry $36,050,000. Klay Thompson $17,826,150. Draymond Green $16,400,000.

We will most likely see Andre leave ‘The Bay’ in the Summer. The above three teams are the most likely destinations for Iguodala during Free Agency this year but Andre would be a great addition to any roster he was added to, whether it be a starter, sixth man or role player.

First though, the NBA world will be watching Iggy and the Golden State Warriors as they try to win their second NBA Championship in three years. It will be no easy task though as many talented teams stand in their way on the path to the NBA Finals.


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