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NBA Free Agency 2017: Top 3 Best Destinations For Dwyane Wade

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

The Bulls were a complete disaster. After an offseason where the Bulls made moves to get Rajon Rondo and Dwyane Wade, expectations were high in a weak conference. They have not met those expectations whatsoever. After a lot of drama came out between Butler, Wade, Rondo and a bunch of young guys occurred, it seemed reasonable to think that Bulls would clean house.

His future in Chicago doesn’t look like it will be long. After they lost 4-2 vs. Boston Celtics, he will probably sign with a team who have a championship ambition.

Here are 3 destinations I can see Wade fitting in the most.

1. Cleveland Cavaliers 

Everyone thought this is where Wade would end up when he said he wouldn’t return to the Heat. For obvious reasons, why wouldn’t the two-thirds of the Big 3 want to reunite? I’m sure LeBron will do his recruiting when it comes time for Wade to make a decision. Also, Wade would fit in because he doesn’t have to be a top option.

Wade’s best years are a little behind him and his body is starting to wear down. Wade is still the master of the pump fake, mid-range shot, and finishing in the paint. Being the 4th option and having a lot less weight on him every game would be Wade’s best option at being a factor.

2. Los Angeles Clippers 

Banana Boat squad coming together? The Clippers are looking like the top team to gather this group with a lot of money coming off the books and already having Chris Paul. As we all know, Clippers have been in talks to also get Carmelo via trade to entice Paul to come back next year.How does Wade get involved? Being friends with the two players makes it enticing for him to go to the Clippers.

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With the possibility of Redick and Griffin leaving in free agency, the Clippers would have the money to possibly work this out. Paul, Melo, Wade and maybe after another championship LeBron will want to join his friends in Los Angeles. It’s a stretch, but after this rumor was sparked up during the offseason, you can’t deny the possibility.

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3. Miami Heat

You can’t overlook the possibility of Wade coming back home despite what happened over the offseason. There’s no way the last image of Wade being on the Heat can be him and Pat Riley feuding over an underpaid contract. Despite the fact the heat wanting to go in a different direction, you have respect your legends.

Without Wade, the Big 3 doesn’t happen and the Heat don’t have those 3 championships. I wouldn’t put it past Riley to call up Wade and make amends with him or vice versa. Wade coming back to the Heat for his last few years would be a great story.