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Latest Report On Carmelo: A Shocking New Team Could Make Last Minute Run


As reported hours ago, New York Knicks superstar Carmelo Anthony could be traded to the Houston Rockets as early as Tuesday afternoon. As one of the few teams Carmelo would waive his no trade clause for, the Rockets have been the favorites to land him ever since the arrival of Chris Paul.


With time running out on the Melo sweepstakes, it seems all but certain that he'll be playing in Houston before the week is out.

A claim by NBA insider Bill Simmons, though, may prove us wrong.

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A few hours ago via Twitter, Simmons tweeted that he had a "scoop." Apparently, the Oklahoma City Thunder and Anthony are "officially circling each other."

To make matters even more interesting, OKC Vice President Troy Weaver has longtime connections to Melo. As Simmons points out, he helped recruit him to Syracuse, where Carmelo won a NCAA title in his only year of college basketball.

This latest report could be a hint that the potential Rockets deal has either been overplayed or is falling apart at the last minute. After acquiring Paul George in a shocking turn of events earlier in the summer, the Thunder have done a fantastic job building around their main centerpiece, Russell Westbrook.

If they somehow get Melo as well, things could get really interesting. Surely a team like that would pose a real threat to the Golden State Warriors this upcoming season.

It's not yet known how advanced the talks between Melo and the Thunder are. But if they pull this off, it could be the perfect situation for both sides. Anthony, his new teammates, and the city of Oklahoma would have their best chance in a while to finally win the ring they deserve.