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DeAndre Jordan's Twitter Message Could Be Hinting At An L.A. Comeback For His Former Teammate


Nowadays, if you want to find something out, Twitter is a logical place to look.

While things often get blown way out of proportion, or taken out of context, it's the subtle things that can really hint at some important events. The latest evidence of this has come with Eric Bledsoe and the Phoenix Suns. Recently, Bledsoe tweeted out a shot sentence, saying "I Dont wanna be here," which of course started a wave of speculation around the league. From the Tweet, it sounds like the point guard was asking for a trade, and later reports seemed to confirm the claim.

No trade has been announced as of yet, and there's no telling where he'll end up by the trade deadline this February.

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If there's any kind of suggestion as to where he should end up, however, it may have already been shared... by DeAndre Jordan.

On Sunday evening, DeAndre sent out a mysterious tweet, that look to be a response to Bledsoe's reported trade request.

Remember, Bledsoe played with the Clippers for three seasons, where he became an important part of their growing young core. The summer of 2013 ultimately saw Eric move to Phoenix, where he was promised the starting job. While not considered a star, his play for the Suns has certainly cemented his role as a starting point guard. The Clippers, like most other teams, would most likely benefit from his services.

As the season continues on, we'll all be keeping a close eye on the story in Phoenix. Bad times have characterized the season, and there seems to be no end in sight.