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David Griffin Believes Major Moves Could Be Ahead For Oklahoma City


The summer of 2017 was a memorable one for the Oklahoma City Thunder. After losing Kevin Durant to the Warriors a year earlier, they re-tooled in a major way by trading for Paul George and Carmelo Anthony.

With those three combined, the team was expected to make some serious noise. But, besides their underwhelming performance so far, the franchise still has one huge problem, and it concerns the future of their two newest acquisitions.

See, this upcoming summer, both Carmelo Anthony and Paul George can opt out of their contracts and join the free-agent market, which would put the Thunder in a very dangerous position. If one, or both, choose to sign elsewhere, it could leave them worse off than before, considering the assets it took to get them in the first place.

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For this reason, it doesn't take much convincing to at least look at additional trade options. And if you ask former Cavs GM David Griffin, that's exactly what he thinks Sam Presti is going to do.

When asked about the Thunder's struggles, he says they should be patient, and moving Melo to the bench is something that Billy Donovan should consider. He also mentions that Presti would be looking to move George if the Thunder don't improve and if PG13 hasn't committed to staying long term.

In other words, some BIG moves could be coming to the Thunder. What exactly those moves will look like is anyone's guess, but it will surely be one that rocks the NBA for good, if it does happen.