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Cleveland Cavaliers: Top 3 Best Point Guard Candidates


The Cavs General Manager, LeBron James, has made it known to the team that they need to trade for a backup point guard or playmaker. James wants someone to be able to handle the ball and take some load off of Kyrie and James for playmaking.

The Cavs don’t have many assets to trade so the field level is at a minimum. Knowing this, the Cavs really can’t go out and get Ricky Rubio, who is rumored to being shopped on the market. Rubio would be perfect for the Cavs because of his defense and playmaking. Here are three guards the Cavs could get on the cheaper side.

Rajon Rondo


Rondo is already being rumored to be traded from the Bulls after falling out of favor and being benched. He asked for a trade and there isn’t a likely situation where a team trades for him to be their starting point guard. The Cavs have a team where Rondo can excel at playmaking. Rondo has had his best years when being surrounded by high-quality shooters.

Cavs have plenty of 3pt shooters, especially with newly added Kyle Korver. Rondo is known as a locker room cancer but, maybe for a championship contending team with LeBron at the helm, he will just shut up and play.

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Ty Lawson

Sacramento Kings guard Ty Lawson poses for photos during the NBA basketball team's media day Monday, Sept. 26, 2016, in Sacramento, Calif. Lawson,a free agent, signed a one-year contract with Kings in August. (AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli)

AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli

Ty Lawson isn’t the player he once was when he averaged 17.6 points per game and 8.8 assists. Lawson can be a serviceable player though for a contending team. The 29-year-old is averaging 8.6 points per game and 4.2 assists for the Kings currently and wouldn’t be an expensive role player to deal for.

On a quality team like the Cavs, Lawson can really step up as a backup for Kyrie and set up his teammates well. The Cavs should look at giving Lawson a chance to play for a contender.

Elfrid Payton


In his 3rd year, Payton has fallen in and out of favor with the Orlando magic, splitting starts with D.J Augustin. Payton was rumored to being possibly traded before this deadline. Before the Kyle Korver trade, the Cavs were rumored into looking into trading Dunleavy, Mo Williams contract and their 2020 1st rounder for him. Now lacking the assets to make a big deal it makes it harder for them to pull off a deal.

Elfrid is a solid backup choice for the team though with a similar game like Rondo’s; he doesn’t look to score and gets his guys open shots. Payton would be awesome to come off the bench as he could handle the playmaking when Kyrie and James are on the bench.


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