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Chicago Bulls Trade Rumors: Jimmy Butler Wants Carmelo Anthony

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A few years ago, Carmelo Anthony was a free agent and decided to re-sign with the Knicks. One of the teams that was looking to sign him was the Chicago Bulls, a team, at the time, who could have really used him. The Thibs lead Bulls struggled to score, Rose was not playing to his MVP level (he was not bad, but not as a great) and they needed a scorer. Melo turned them down, and now, it looks like the Bulls are back on the chase for him.

What makes this situation plausible is the way that the Knicks (particularly Phil Jackson) have treated him, and that Jimmy Butler wants to bring Melo to Chi-Town.

"I think everybody knows what Carmelo can bring to a team," Butler said Wednesday, per Joe Cowley of the Chicago Sun-Times. "The dude is a helluva player."

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"You can talk to [Anthony] and tell him all this, all that, but as far as a trade and all that stuff goes, that's for the front office because there's only so much say [the players] can have in a deal like that," Butler said. "There's not too much I can do in that aspect."

There have been reports that Butler is doing what he can to convince the Bulls top brass to trade for the Knicks star. Anthony would provide another scoring punch to a team that has two great scorers already. On the season, Carmelo is averaging 23 points 6 rebounds and 3 assists, leading the Knicks through a turmoil-filled season, whether it be Phil’s constant jabs, the Oakley situation, and just the scrutiny that NY media will bring. It makes sense that a team like the Bulls (who are trying to make a playoff push) would look to get a player like Melo. If the trade ends up happening, Melo will likely play the four (which he can do), giving the Bulls another scoring punch, playmaker, to take some pressure off of Butler, but it won’t solve a single problem the Bulls have.

Carmelo is in his thirties, this trade would be something that happens to appease a star, and might end up screwing a team in the long run. The Bulls would have to either gut their team (or trade Wade) to actually make it work, plus they would have to give up some draft picks. The Knicks would be the team that walks away from the winner in my view.

Kristaps Porzingis is a one of kind talent. A talent, that I would like to see dominate the ball more, but that does not happen. Part of the reason for it is the way Melo plays. The Knicks are a win know team that should really be a rebuilding team. What they can do is trade Melo for Valentine, McDermott, some others to meet the cap and some picks. This would give the Bulls the Star they want and the Knicks a core to build around.

However, the likelihood of this happening is low, even the NY fans would hate the trade. They want Melo. Spike Lee said he would pack Phil’s bags for him before he sees Carmelo leave, and even Porzingis said that playing would be hard without Anthony. So, is Carmelo to the Bulls a good Idea? Yes. Both sides get what they need. Will it happen? No.


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