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Carmelo Anthony to the Cleveland Cavaliers?

Carmelo Anthony Cleveland

Numerous reports are emerging stating that the New York Knicks have put in a trade offer for All-Star power forward Kevin Love. The Knicks reportedly offered up Carmelo Anthony for the 6’10” power forward but all sources say the trade offer was rejected by the Cavaliers.

Lately, things haven’t been too good for New York native Melo and it’s been said that Melo wouldn’t mind a trade at all if he were to be dealt to the Cleveland Cavaliers or the Los Angeles Clippers. It looks like the Knicks have went ahead in this case and tried to deal the superstar small forward elsewhere.

Melo has been good this season averaging 22.6 ppg, 3.1 apg and 6 rpg but it just doesn’t seem to be clicking for the Knicks (20W - 26L, 11th in the Eastern Conference) who were supposed to be a ‘Superteam’ before the season began after adding players such as Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah to their roster during last year’s offseason. Melo seems to be falling out with the city of New York and even though he says he’s still committed to the cause a trade looks imminent for Anthony.

Meanwhile, in Cleveland, Kevin Love seems to be in the form of his life after a rough start to his career in Cleveland. In the past year or so we’ve seen Love really fitting into his role on the team and so far this season Love has been superb for the Cavs. Love is currently recording 20.5 ppg and 10.9 rpg for Cleveland through 38 games this far in the season.

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Love is also shooting the ball well with a 43% field-goal percentage and he also shoots 37% from behind the arc which are some pretty good percentages for a big guy like Love who can post up down low or take a shot from deep.

The question is though - If Love was to go to the Knicks in exchange for Melo, what would the Knicks do with two starting caliber power forwards in both Kevin Love and Kristaps Porzingis? One of the guys would have to play center to have both on the court at the same time as both of the big men are too tall for the small forward position. Also if Melo went to the Cavs, that would leave Lance Thomas as the starting small forward for New York. A big difference to Carmelo!

The reality - is does the trade really work out for New York?

In my opinion - No, as Kevin Love really isn’t needed and the Knicks would have to trade away another player along with Carmelo to pry Love away from the Defending Champs. Even though it would be mouth-watering to see LeBron and Melo play together at Cleveland there isn’t much of a need for Melo to go there either as that would result in two All-Star small forwards being in Cleveland. This would most likely result in LeBron James being pushed to the power forward slot, a position LeBron has played in before.

It’ll be interesting to see whether the Knicks make another offer for Love. Another possibility is we could see the Knicks decide to keep Melo and just try start over by bringing in different guys to help Melo bring the Knicks to the playoffs again and bring them back to the glory that the New York Knicks franchise once had.


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