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Breaking: Cavs To Consider Voiding Kyrie Irving Trade After Evaluating Isaiah Thomas


Just when the world thinks it's all over... BAM, another part of this epic saga unfolds.

When Kyrie Irving was finally traded to the Celtics earlier this week, most thought that this long and storied story was complete. Boston has their superstar, while the Cavs found a suitable trade for their unhappy superstar.

But all of that may be in jeopardy according to the latest report by ESPN's Adrian Wojnarwoski. He claims the Cavs are "still evaluating" Thomas' hip injury, and are actually considering voiding the trade after finishing their physical on Isaiah Thomas.

A source close to the situation described the hip injury as a "very sensitive situation."

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Earlier reports claimed that Thomas would be ready for camp, and gave no signs that his hip was a serious problem. The way things look now, however, Thomas may not be nearly as healthy as the team led everyone to believe.

In other words, things may get even crazier. If the Cavaliers don't think Thomas is healthy enough, they could decide to void the trade and keep Irving for a bit longer.

Although Boston was probably their best option, Cleveland could still find plenty of other suitors for Uncle Drew. The Knicks, Spurs, Suns, and Clippers were all said to have made significant offers.

Obviously, a voided trade would be devastating to the Celtics, who were hoping to become Eastern Conference favorites.

No matter what happens with this story, or where Kyrie ends up, it's clear that this summer saga has taken more twists and turns than anything we've seen before.