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Boston Celtics May Be Trying To Acquire Warriors Guard Klay Thompson


It's seems Boston doesn't want the offseason to end at all this year.

After nabbing Gordon Hayward in free agency and Kyrie Irving in a trade with the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Celtics may not be finished building their team for next season.


It seems the Boston Celtics want to try and trade for Golden State Warriors shooting guard Klay Thompson to pair with Irving.

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When contacted by NBC Sports Bay Area though, the Warriors were adamant they weren't going to move Thompson anytime soon.

They were so adamant in fact, they referenced an article written by NBC Sports Bay Area's Monte Poole wrote on Wednesday, reporting that the Cavs tried to trade for Klay themselves when looking for suitors for Kyrie.

Golden State, being the defending champs, were quoted as being "uninterested."

A Thompson arrival in Boston, however, would do wonders for their championship aspirations, and would certainly make the Celtics the favorite team in the East to make the Finals.

Thompson - who will turn 28 in February - is under contract for two more seasons and is slated for unrestricted free agency in July 2019.