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A Laker Trade Could Be Brewing In Los Angeles


The summer of 2017 was a wild one. Stars changed teams, teams traded stars, and the NBA landscape was forever shifted by the ever changing tides of pro-basketball.

In the regular season, however, things have been eerily quiet. There are always rumblings on the rumor mill, but no significant action has been hinted at thus far.

At least, not until now.

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In a supposed report by Ramona Shelburne, the Lakers and Luol Deng are working together to get him out of town. While the market is expected to be thin, reports indicate that there is still a market for Deng, though it would serve mostly as a salary dump, meaning the Lakers would have to give up a significant piece to get rid of him.

As expected, potential trade candidates are eyeing the young Laker rookies, in Kuzma, Randle, and Brandon Ingram. If not that, L.A.'s only other option would be to take back a bad contract in return, but for fewer years than Luol.

While Luol Deng is not a significant name, it's who the Lakers may have to send with him that's important. Averaging just one minute per game in the new NBA season, Luol's 18 mill+ contract is a huge liability for the Lakers. They've long been trying to get rid of him.

But could the team be ready to finally crack? Are they desperate enough to rid themselves of Deng's awful contract if it meant trading away a piece of their young core to make it happen? Only time will answer that at this point, as the season is still very much young in a league where anything can happen.

But one thing is for sure: they'll definitely be looking for a way out on this one.