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A Game Changing OKC Point Guard Trade: Coming Soon?

(Photo by Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images)

(Photo by Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images)

Let's review all that's happened in the infamous summer of 2017:

The first big move started with the Lakers trade, where L.A. sent their young point guard to Brooklyn in exchange for Brook Lopez. Let's not forget the draft night Jimmy Butler trade, that saw him join Karl Anthony-Towns in Minnesota in exchange for some young guys like Zach LaVine. Next came Chris Paul, who announced he would be choosing the Houston Rockets. Hours later, he was traded there for Patrick Beverly, Sam Dekker, and a few others pieces. And, of course, let's mention the Paul George sweepstakes, which the Thunder ended up winning. All it took was Victor Oladipo and Domantas Sabonis.

Of course, though, that's not all. In Free Agency, many more big names made a splash. Paul Millsap moved West to join the Denver Nuggets, Danilo Gallinari elected to sign with the Clippers which led to a craft sign and trade between Denver and L.A. In Boston, Gordon Hayward made the huge independence day announcement that he'd sign with Celtics.

And now, there's all this Kyrie Irving stuff. And although it looks like the Celtics have him, we've recently learned that the saga may not be over yet.

But one move that's gone super under the radar this season may be even bolder than anything that's happened in the past few months, and we may see its effects by this time next year.

When Kevin Durant left the Oklahoma City Thunder, it caused a roar of hysteria around the league. Even with how appealing the Warriors were, nobody had seen it coming and everybody knew what it meant.

It meant the Warriors would be virtually unstoppable. But it also meant that Russell Westbrook was left to fend for himself. It was up to Westbrook to figure out what to do next while playing ball and leading the team in the meantime. Even though they didn't get very far in the Playoffs, Westbrook showed that he had it in him to lead the Thunder.

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But now, he could be about ready to give the city another heartbreak.

When the Thunder acquired Paul George from the Pacers, it was seen as a move that could 1) make the Thunder relevant once again, and, 2) ensure Westbrook stays with the team long-term.

While the Thunder do look good right now, they still have a huge problem with their MVP point guard.

For some reason, Westbrook has failed to accept the qualifying offer OKC gave him in April. The offer was for $220 million over five years, which is obviously the max. Most superstars would quickly sign on the dotted line if they had no desire to leave. But horrifyingly, Westbrook has seemingly ignored it.

It's nearly September and Russ has yet to give any hint that he wants to stay long-term. Thunder GM Sam Presti has made it a point to build around Westbrook. But if the star continues to hold out on the extension, Presti will have to consider trading him.

They can't lose Russ the same way they lost Durant, that'll leave them with absolutely nothing. No, a trade may be the only possibility if Westbrook does not commit.

Of course, every team with even a small shot to get the star will undoubtedly be shouting trade offers. Teams like the Clippers, Lakers, Knicks, Suns, they'll all be in the running for his services.

Who knows, it may not pan out like that. He could sign the extension tomorrow. But if he doesn't, a monster trade that will shake the NBA landscape could be only a few months away. Could he end up on the Lakers with PG13 and Lonzo Ball? Could he end up starting something fresh in New York? Who knows, maybe he could find himself in Golden State.

The possibilities are endless here, and the pressure is on. If he doesn't commit soon, a huge, earth shattering change could be the biggest NBA story of the century.

And we thought this summer was crazy? We ain't seen nothing yet.