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5 Players The Milwaukee Bucks Could Be Targeting Before The Trade Deadline

Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Milwaukee Bucks have been one of the most aggressive teams all season when it comes to making moves, constantly making the headlines as they make several approaches to other teams regarding some players that may boost their playoff chances.

For instance, they were one of the first franchises to an inquiry about Eric Bledsoe as an outsider in the Suns, and they didn’t hesitate to part ways with Jason Kidd before the All-Star break as they believe they should be higher in the standings.

Milwaukee currently ranks 6th in the Eastern Conference but has the kind of personnel and talent to finish at least 4th. Nevertheless, the team’s front office is still looking to get more talent and wouldn’t mind parting ways with Jabari Parker, Thon Maker and several picks in order to do so.

But, who should they target? Sit down and take a look.

5. Stanley Johnson

Dec 23, 2015; Atlanta, GA, USA; Detroit Pistons forward Stanley Johnson (3) in action against the Atlanta Hawks in the first quarter at Philips Arena. Mandatory Credit: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Mandatory Credit: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Stanley Johnson has been one of the major disappointments we’ve seen over the last decade, as he was called to become one of the most gifted two-way players in the Association but his development has quite stalled so far.

Still, having a blossoming offensive game and being put in a better position to shine, the defensive-minded forward could boost the team’s second unit, especially when it comes to wing stoppers, something they lack this year.

4. Mario Hezonja

Talking about busts, let’s bring Mario Hezonja into the conversation. Hezonja hasn’t had much playing time to prove his worth and the Orlando Magic has just given up on one of the most exciting European prospects the league has seen in a while.

Truth to be told, Mario is a walking bucket and just need touches to get his groove going, and considering the team didn’t exercise their option for the upcoming season, it’s pretty safe to assume that he’s quite available.

3. Lou Williams

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Lou Williams has been playing arguably the best basketball of his career and pretty much every single franchise in the Association is trying to land him with the Los Angeles Clippers entering full tank mode following the Blake Griffin trade.

With Lou leading the way in the second unit, the Bucks’ bench could feature Brogdon, Williams and Parker (if they don’t have to trade him to land Lou), something quite scary that may bring them a lot of balance for the postseason.

2. Hassan Whiteside


Hassan Whiteside has been more worried about piling up personal stats rather than helping the Miami Heat and coach Spoelstra seems to be well aware of that, benching him through key stretches in the second half (especially in the 4th quarter) of several matchups.

That situation has clearly frustrated the rim protector, who wouldn’t mind leaving South Beach in order to find more playing time as he feels he’s being unfairly snubbed. Also, he would be a huge upgrade over Thon Maker, who’s still very rough.

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1. DeAndre Jordan


DeAndre Jordan has been a prime trade candidate for all contending teams this season, as it’s been pretty obvious that he’s set to walk away for free at the end of the campaign and the Los Angeles Clippers need to move him ASAP.

According to Basketball Insiders: "The prevailing thought around the NBA is the Bucks would be open to and are pursuing a major player trade and have been linked to the Clippers and DeAndre Jordan. They also continue to be mentioned in NBA circles as having eyes for Miami’s Hassan Whiteside. It’s hard to imagine either deal gets done without the inclusion of Parker, so the Bucks getting a chance to see him on the court for a few games before the deadline may go a long way in cementing their decision."

The standout center has been on trade rumors all season long and he may be the missing piece the Bucks’ defense needs to click, and considering Los Angeles is looking ahead to the future, they would be smart to take a couple of picks and Maker in return.