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5 NBA Superstars Who Could Be Traded Next Season

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Dozens of players get traded every season in the NBA, but most trades don’t have a true impact because we’re mostly talking about spare parts and role players that get dealt just to make numbers work for the teams.

However, there’s always a move that shakes off the entire Association, leaving fans in disbelief and everybody speculating how this move going to pay off and who’s going to be on the winning side of the deal.

It’s very likely that the next campaign will see several teams go through major overhauls and that obviously means parting ways with some of their greatest talents, and today, we’re going to let you know about 5 stars that are pretty likely to be traded next year.

5. Hassan Whiteside


Hassan Whiteside doesn’t strike us as the kind of player that’s going to stay loyal with the Heat for a very long time, as he always seems to have a personal agenda and loves to just chug stats even if that winds up hurting his team, and it just seems like the Heat don’t truly need him going forward.

Coach Spoelstra has benched Whiteside through key stretches in most games this season and the center has openly shown his frustration about it. Also, with Bam Adebayo surging as a great two way young and cheaper option for the team, Whiteside could become expendable pretty soon.

4. Andrew Wiggins

Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

To be honest, Andrew Wiggins has pretty much stalled and he is now the third best player on the Wolves' roster. He hasn’t improved on any aspect of his game, he tends to disappear during clutch time, and he’s been a major defensive liability for the Minnesota Timberwolves ever since making his pro debut.

Still, the upside’s there and he’s quite young, so many teams could be really interested in acquiring his services. Also, the Timberwolves need a defensive minded guard/forward and let their offense flow through Karl-Anthony Towns and Jimmy Butler and Wiggins is just getting touches away from them.

3. Marc Gasol

marc gasol nba memphis
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The Memphis Grizzlies and Marc Gasol haven’t been on the same page since the start of this campaign, and the rebuilding process is something that the top-notch Spaniard big man isn’t willing to go through, especially considering he’s already 33 years old and would love to play for a contending side.

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding Marc Gasol this campaign and there are several suitors more than willing to part ways with some picks or young assets to get the former Defensive Player of the Year, and Memphis should just deal him to get as much picks as their can for their new project.

2. Kemba Walker


Kemba Walker has quietly become a lowkey top-tier point guard, at least scoring and stat wise, and he’s even made it to some All-Star games despite playing on such a mediocre team and a small market like the Charlotte Hornets.

The Hornets are always stuck in the middle of the lottery and don’t get the chance to land a top 5 pick due to their mediocrity, and they were already reportedly trying to move Kemba this year, and he’s the lone valuable asset they currently have that could give them several lottery picks in return.

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1. John Wall


Entering this season, John Wall inked his signature in one of the most lucrative deals in NBA history to stay with the Washington Wizards for a very long time, but if the team fails to reach at least the Eastern Conference Finals, he’s pretty likely to demand a trade and even force his way out of the capital.

Also, the Wizards have been able to play significantly better when Wall hasn’t been able to suit up, and there have always been a lot of rumors stating that their All-Star point guard doesn’t get along with most of the roster, with some subtle shots at Wall every time they get the chance to do so on post-game interviews.