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4 Veterans That The Cavs Could Sign Very Soon

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

The Cleveland Cavaliers made a huge splash prior to this Thursday's trade deadline with all the huge moves they made, completely overhauling a roster that wasn’t going anywhere and parting ways with 6 players.

Dwyane Wade, Isaiah Thomas, Derrick Rose, Channing Frye, Iman Shumpert and Jae Crowder all left the team via trade, with Cleveland landing George Hill, Rodney Hood, Jordan Clarkson and Larry Nance Jr.

Cleveland looked to get way younger with the big possibility of LeBron James looking to head towards the exit door at the end of the campaign, especially considering they still own that nice Brooklyn Nets 1st round pick from the Kyrie Irving deal.

Still, Cleveland is in a prime position to make a major push in the postseason with this new looking locker room, but they can’t do it just with youth, so they’re reportedly not done yet and are keen to acquire some veteran leadership among the buyout candidates.

Today, we’re going to let you know about the top 4 buyout candidates the Cavs should target considering their current needs.

4. Tony Allen


Tony Allen decided to leave the Grindhouse in Memphis to join the New Orleans Pelicans, but due to a nagging injury, he wasn’t able to contribute as they would like, so they decided to get rid of him and send him to the Bulls.

Chicago, obviously, didn’t have space for an injured veteran, so they naturally waived him. Allen is one of the best defenders in the history of the game and he’s the right guy to fix Cleveland’s struggles to contain opposing guards.

3. Zach Randolph

Zach Randolph is yet another veteran that decided to end his Memphis Grizzlies stint, and he hasn’t done much with the Sacramento Kings as the team isn’t providing much playing time for veterans while they look to develop their youngsters.

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This is the kind of veteran that knows how to bully his way into the paint and that even though may not be the most gifted defender, definitely knows how to make the most of his physique and force scorers into changing their shot.

2. Tyson Chandler


Tyson Chandler already has a lot of playoff experience and even though he may seem kind of washed out, he’s still an elite rebounder and rim protector despite his age, and he just needs a competitive environment to prove he’s still got it.

Chandler was one of the most dominant defensive forces in the league several seasons ago, and he’d be a major upgrade over Tristan Thompson off the bench, and Phoenix should just buy him out considering how much money they still owe him.

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1. Brook Lopez

Brook Lopez has been outstanding for the Los Angeles Lakers all season long, continuing to consistently hit from beyond the arc with his newfound range, and even doing his job on the defensive end of the floor with a lot trying to guard on the perimeter and contest every single shot.

Of course, he’s never going to be a great rebounder or defender, but he has the kind of skill set to still put 20 points a night, and with the Lakers looking to get as much contracts off their books as they can, he’s a prime buyout candidate.