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2017 NBA Free Agency: Top 5 Destinations for Blake Griffin

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

It seems likely now that the Clippers will break it up this year, and Blake Griffin may have already played his final game as a Clipper. It’s clear that he needs a fresh start. But where could he end up? Here are the top 5 destinations for Blake Griffin if he decides to leave the Clippers this summer:

5. Miami Heat

Miami may not be Blake’s first choice, but why would he not consider it? The big city, big market, great organization, improving team, and a chance to form a dynamic frontcourt with Hassan Whiteside. There’s plenty of reasons why the Heat could be a possibility. With Griffin on board, Miami would almost surely become a playoff team and Blake would have the opportunity to lead them.

One big question mark here is the status of Chris Bosh, who may or may not return to the court. If he does, it would of course, change the likelihood of Blake choosing Miami.

4. Houston Rockets

If Blake Griffin wants to join a superstar, James Harden is a pretty good choice. With a few roster moves, Houston could sign Blake and they could be well on their way to challenging Golden State. Imagine a Harden-Griffin duo? That would be something scary, especially with the D’Antoni offense.

The Rockets could be the best place for Griffin if he wants to have the best chance of winning in the loaded Western Conference.

3. Washington Wizards

Washington is very close to being among Eastern Conference elite. John Wall, Bradley Beal, and head coach Scott Brooks have the Wizards going in the right direction. Griffin, if he chooses Washington, would almost immediately elevate the Wizards to super-team status.

The new “big three” would provide a perfect balance on offense. For BG, he’d get a great chance to win while still being the number one option. It’d be perfect.

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2. Boston Celtics

The Celtics, as we’ve seen lately, are far from perfect. They still lack a true superstar. Blake Griffin could be that superstar, and join forces with one of the East’s most explosive point guards. The Celtics have something that Blake doesn’t, and that’s playoff experience.

17 Championships certainly create a winning culture that could prove to benefit the superstar power forward. With BG aboard, the Celtics could finally pose a real threat to LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

1. Oklahoma City Thunder

This is the combo we’re all dreaming about. A Triple-Double machine and an athletic superstar big man. Russ and Griffin would tear the league apart with their athleticism, and win plenty of games along the way. An OKC roster like that would change the face of the Western Conference for the long run.

Lob-City would return, OKC would be a contending force again, and Russell Westbrook could finally get his revenge on his ex-teammate Kevin Durant.