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Witness Steph Curry's Explosion For 26 Points in 2nd Quarter


It's only halftime in Oakland, with the Dubs up 21 points over the woeful Chicago Bulls.

Seems like an ordinary night... except for when you take a look at Steph's stat sheet, which looks utterly ridiculous for only having played 17 minutes so far. through just two quarters, Curry has 31 points (26 came in the 2nd alone), 5 rebounds, and 4 assists, leading his team to a dominating 74-53 lead over the Bulls.

We've seen amazing things from Steph for the last couple of years. Even back in his younger days, he had some flashes, like scoring 50+ at madison square garden. But tonight, Curry could really make some history. If his insanely hot shooting pours into the second half, he could find himself close to the record books.

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