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Without Steph, The Rest Of The Warriors' Stars Are Far Worse Off


Who would have thought it? Somehow, someway, taking away one quarter of the Golden State Warriors' All-Star core actually makes the other three worse on the offensive side of the ball.

Most would assume that when you take Steph Curry off the floor for the Warriors, the other three stars -- namely Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson -- are going to shine in his absence, right?

That's far from the case however, as apparently Curry's impact while he's the court is felt by the entire roster.

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With the recent news that Steph will most likely be sitting out the rest of the regular season due to an MCL sprain suffered at the hands of teammate JaVale McGee, most Warriors' fans minds were laid to rest knowing that the likes of Draymond Green, KD and Klay would all be returning soon enough to finish out the season before the playoffs arrive. But according to some advanced statistics, it seems as though the rest of the Warriors' All-Stars thrive when Curry is there to run the show, which isn't good news for the future.

As you can see, the rest of Golden State's All-Stars, as well as Zaza Pachulia and the team as a whole, shoot worse from the field when Curry isn't on the court, and also average fewer points per 100 possessions when Curry is absent.

This just goes to show the attention Curry commands while he's on the court, leaving room and opportunity for the rest of his teammates to score more and shoot better from the field while the defense is intent on stopping Steph, forgetting about the other 4 players.

With Steph rumored to be out for the next 3-6 weeks -- the playoffs begin in three weeks -- it'll be interesting to see how Steve Kerr finishes off the season without the centerpiece to his team.