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Will ESPN Rank Durant Over LeBron?


As more chunks of ESPN's "Top 100 Players of The Year" ranking comes out, so does increased controversey and debate.

The most surprising and controversial of which being Carmelo Anthony, who ranked just 64 on the list. When fans looked at who the ranking listed in front of Melo, most were outraged.

But the next couple days could reveal something even worse. Could ESPN go nuclear? Could they shock the world?

Could they rank Kevin Durant ahead of LeBron James?

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Even at 32 years old, LeBron James is better than basically everyone else in the league. He does it all on the court and just seems to dominate on a nightly basis. And this upcoming season could see LeBron get even better, with the departure of Kyrie Irving.

But Kevin Durant, well, he's the best player on the best team. For years, he's been number two. For years, he has always had to play in the shadow of King James.

Well, ESPN may be the first to break that trend. After all, they've been known to favor winning over all in the past.

Nobody knows exactly how the ranking will go down. And you may not even care. But if the network decides to put LeBron behind Durant, it'll mark a real changing of the times.