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Why Los Angeles Would Be The Best Place For Dwyane Wade's Career

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Dwayne Wade’s future with Chicago remains uncertain. Throughout this summer, the Chicago Bulls have shared the things they want to do with this young, group of guys the upcoming seasons and how they want to get into a rebuilding mode. They have ‘switched’ placed this offseason, with Jimmy Butler’s trade for young players in an effort to start the rebuilding process.

A 35-year old, star and future Hall of Famer does not make a lot of sense being part of this roster. So, experts actually believe that the Bulls will eventually reach a buyout with Wade. The Cavaliers seem like a legit scenario of D-Wade, as he would play next to one of his best friends, for another run at the NBA championship.

According to a reporter Barry Jackson, the Heat and now the Lakers have joined the discussion of signing D-Wade.

“Though ESPN reported that LeBron James' camp expects Dwayne Wade to end up with Cleveland if he reaches a buyout with the Bulls, a Wade associate has been telling people that Miami and Los Angeles are also appealing destinations for Wade.”

“Chicago media have reported recently that no Bulls buyout talks have happened yet with Wade, and it's unclear when they will happen.”

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So according to sources, Wade’s future with Chicago remains uncertain; quite possibly he will be a buyout by Chicago and sing somewhere else. In Cleveland, he would be able to make a run at a championship with LeBron James, Kevin Love, Isaiah Thomas and Derrick Rose, while play solid minutes, and making tough guarded clutch shots, and in Miami ‘The Flash’ would return to the city he never should have left, and close out his career playing some minutes for the young/fresh Miami Heat. But, the Lakers believe it or not are the best fit for Dwayne Wade; short term and long term.

The young Lakers at this point are not competitive and will not be this upcoming season as well. The appeal however of living in Los Angeles, playing under the greatest point guard ever, in Magic Johnson, while mentoring and helping young stars like Lonzo Ball, Julius Randle and Brandon Ingram is something that Wade should seriously think.

The Lakers will also have plenty of cap space next year, to sign some big free-agent, a Paul George, Russell Westbrook, and even LeBron James can be in play. LeBron James according to reports is living Cleveland next summer, and what other better team to join than the baby-star Lakers, who could also have acquired Dwayne Wade.

If Wade thinks long term, he should decide to sign with the LA Lakers. With the addition of D-Wade, the city of Los Angeles, Magic Johnson’s figure, and the excitement of Lonzo Ball and Brandon Ingram will bring superstar players to this historic franchise. If LeBron James also decides to sign to LA in the summer of 2018, then the Lakers will have a legit chance at a title in 2019. They will be legit NBA title contenders. Wade’s signing will attract free agents, who together with the excitement and growth of the young players will take this organization back to where it belongs.

Moreover, Magic Johnson and the Lakers have to sign Wade before this season begins. He is someone who not only can mentor the young-Lakers, but can be a huge part in persuading superstar players to join the Lakers. At 35-years old, Wade can become a perfect example for Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram and the other young players who will continue to improve on their game, their ‘winning’ mentality and growth throughout this upcoming season, starting in the training camp. To conclude, Wade’s buyout will be interesting; his decision of where to sign will also be interesting. What do you think Wade will do, and what should he do?