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Which NBA Team Should You Stake Your Money On In 2022?

Which NBA Team Should You Stake Your Money On In 2022?

With one more month to go in the regular season, it's a good time to start preparing any outright bets. Here, most online bookmakers let you stake your money on the winner of the following:

- Atlantic Division

- Central Division

- Northwest Division

- Southwest Division

- Eastern Conference (including playoffs)

- Western Conference (including playoffs)

- NBA Championship Winner

Looking at the table, it seems like it could be a tight race for the crown. The Heat and Bucks are doing well on the East Coast, with the 76ers and the Chicago Bulls also having a solid season. On the West Coast, the Phoenix Suns are having a run and put a comfortable gap between them and the rest. Still, don't count out the Grizzlies and, of course, Steph Curry's Warriors.

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However, odds in NBA sports betting are not just about current standings but plenty of other factors, including signals from already submitted bets.

So, let's check out the current odds for outright bets by Betway, one of the most popular online bookmakers in the United States and Europe.

Money Up For Grabs On The East Coast?

Betway is a major online bookmaker whose parent company, Super Group, recently IPO'ed in the United States. And if you have a look at their current odds, you might be surprised on which team(s) Betway has favored in their books.

Despite Miami Heat having a strong season, Betway still pays out 5.50x your bet if they win the Eastern Conference (including playoffs). Interestingly, on Betway's sheets, the currently 8th placed New Jersey Nets are the big favorites with odds of 3.75, followed by the Milwaukee Bucks and the 76ers.

On the West Coast, Betway favors the current leader Phoenix Suns, with the Golden State Warriors as a close second. However, despite the Memphis Grizzlies being in second place at the time of writing, Betway would still pay you 12 times your bet if they're going to win the Western Conference. 50 bucks times 12 – you can do the math!

No Surprises For NBA Championship Winner

When it comes to who will win the NBA championship this year, there are no surprises in Betway's outright bets.

The Suns and the Warriors are in first and second with odds of 4.75 and 5.50, respectively. Other teams favored in the books are those that are currently showing strong performances, such as the Bucks, 76ers, Miami Heat, and the Boston Celtics.

The outlier, again, are the Brooklyn Nets. Despite only sitting in 8th place and still facing the chance of falling out of the playoffs, Betway only gives you odds of 6.50. In comparison, the Los Angeles Clippers, currently ranked 8th on the West Coast, would return you 51 times your bet.

What's The Safest Bet For This Year's Outright Winners?

First of all, there are no safe bets. Especially this season, teams seem to be very close, and there is no one dominating team. That being said, if you're up for a bit of risk, Betway and other bookmakers offer some excellent odds still.

If you feel nostalgic and see the Chicago Bulls win the crown, you can expect a 21 times return of your bet. Those who think that the Mavericks could pull it off a second time after 2011 expect to receive a $4,100 paycheck for a $100 bet.

In the Eastern Conference, you can quadruple your money betting on any of the current top three teams. A bit more risk like seeing the Cleveland Cavaliers in front, and you'll receive 26 times your wagered money back.