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When Amazing Happens: Dennis Rodman Hits 3 Three-Pointers In A Row

Credit: Graham Bensinger

Credit: Graham Bensinger

You just don’t see players like Rodman nowadays, so willing to leave everything on the court even if that means not even looking at the rim to try and make a basket. Rodman is one of the greatest defenders in NBA history and he could lock down every single big man in the league nowadays as he did during his prime.

He won 5 NBA Championships with the Pistons and the Bulls. Also, he won 2-time Defensive Player of the Year Award and he was 7-time rebounding champion in the NBA.

But, he was also a great shooter from the downtown (just kidding, because some fans don't understand the joke)... and you check below when amazing happens - Dennis Rodman like Stephen Curry today, hits 3 three-pointers in a row. I love how pumped everyone is for the final three three-pointers. Chicago fans will never forget this hilarious video.

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