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What now for Chris Bosh?

Chris Bosh health

Olympic Gold Medalist. 11 Time All Star. Two-time NBA champion. These are the achievements that have filled Chris Bosh’s long NBA career. Bosh has accomplished so much in his NBA career, it almost seems storybook. This storybook career, however, might have just come to a screeching halt. After suffering from blood clots the last two NBA seasons, it may be time for the star to walk away.

It started in 2015 when Bosh first discovered he had blood clots. He took the rest of that season to rest himself and work out a solution. The following season, however, the blood clots would return, forcing Chris to sit out for the second straight year. This season, hopes of making a return have once again been halted once news broke of his failed physical to start the training camp for the new season.

Faced at a seemingly impossible crossroads, Chris must decide what risks are worth taking. So… this worth it? He says he wants to play, and that he knows the risk involved. The Miami Heat front office, however, do not want Bosh playing if he risks his life. What will happen for the 11-time all-star?

If Bosh ultimately decides to sit, it will have a huge impact on his legacy and the fate of Heat. His career will always be remembered for his part in the Miami Heat 3-peat, sure. But if he leaves the game now, everybody will always question whether or not Bosh could have won by himself. He will never get the chance to show the NBA world if he could still show us the “Toronto” Bosh. And as far as Miami goes, they’ll have to start completely from scratch. They do have some great pieces in Whiteside and Justise Winslow, but those two are not going to get the team very far. Without Bosh, the best the Heat could hope for is a chance for the playoffs.

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If Bosh stays, on the other hand, it could prove to be the ultimate sacrifice. His family, friends, and teammates could witness Bosh’s life flash before their eyes. And that is not something that should be taken lightly. Even despite its big risk, though, Bosh would be doing something he loves. He has said multiple times that he wants to play basketball, even knowing what’s involved.

With all-star forward playing for Miami, they'd be in an undeniably better position than if he retired. They would have an elite power forward that could attract free agents and lead the younger players in the locker room. With that being said tho, it is unlikely that their record would be much better. Miami might make the playoffs, but they'd probably go home in the first round. Bosh being there makes no real difference as far as this season goes.

The bottom line is that the risk involved for Bosh to keep playing might be too much for even him to ignore. It might be time for him to hang it up, and that’s what most expect him to do in the end. Sadly, this Heat team just isn’t good enough, and he is not young enough, to put this much on the line right now. Even if Bosh DOES return in the lineup, what kind of player will we get?

Well, to put it lightly, it won’t the Bosh we’ve grown used to. He is already 32 years old, past his prime. He is coming off two consecutive years where he has missed half the season. Even if Bosh does step on the court again he will never be himself again. Would you risk your life for two years of playing unfamiliar basketball?

Chris Bosh certainly has a huge decision ahead of him. His career and his life are on the line. Whether or not Bosh decides to keep playing or not is a decision only he can make. But whatever path he chooses, NBA fans around the word will continue to hold their breath.