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What Derrick Rose Was Secretly Doing During His Absence From The Cavs Is Not What You Might Think


Strangely, and ironically, Derrick Rose is just about one of the most stable things in the Cavs locker room right now.

But it wasn't always that way. In fact, DRose was in a mess before the mess. After suffering from yet another grueling injury, Rose spent some time away from the team, claiming to need a break to "rethink his future in basketball."

Well, as it turns out, he was doing a hell of a lot more than that.

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In a report by Terez Owens, Rose actually got married during his absence from the Cavaliers. Yeah, the dude got married. Here's more on the story:

"Remember when the former MVP has decided to take time away from the Cavaliers and weigh his basketball future, well reportedly he was just getting hitched. According to our source, Derrick reportedly eloped with his longtime girlfriend Alaina, who is pregnant. Our insider explained, “Derrick and Alaina wanted to start their family as a married couple.” We’re told that the wedding was small and private. At the time of his hiatus, former league MVP Rose claimed that he was taking personal time “to evaluate his future in the NBA ” and that his numerous injuries were “taking a toll on him mentally.” Nope, just needed to get married."

First off, congrats to Rose and his new wife. Tying the knot is always an occasion to be celebrated. But as to why the couple had to go to such lengths to keep their marriage a secret is a mystery to everyone.