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Watch: Steph Curry Was Still A Three-Point Monster All The Way Back In Middle School


Steph Curry is one of those athletes that comes around once in a generation.

The two-time MVP has almost single-handedly revolutionized the game of basketball, with his skillset shaping the way the game is played today.

Of course, it took Steph years of hard work, dedication, and training to reach the level he is at today, but even back when Curry was still a teenager, he still had that Midas touch from deep.

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In a video filmed during a scrimmage between Curry's middle school team and staff members, led by Steph's father Dell Curry, the Baby-Faced Assassin (who was wearing number 12), proceeded to knock down multiple triples, just like he does to this day.

Sure, it may only be the high school three-point line, but Curry showed from an early age he could pull up from deep and consistently bang home trifectas.

It probably also helped that Steph had a great NBA three-point shooter in the form of Dell as a father, but what can you do.