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Watch Steph Curry Completely Ignore A Young Fan Who Is Begging For An Autograph


Over the past couple of seasons, the league has tried to move on from LeBron James being the face of the league, even though that does sound like an impossible task. With the rise of the Golden State Warriors and Stephen Curry as one of the greatest shooters of all-time, the NBA has cashed in on his immense popularity with young fans, pushing him as the new face of the NBA.

But a recent video has surfaced of the two-time MVP that paints Curry in a very different light.

Before -- or after, we don't know the time this video was taken -- a recent Warriors game, a video has been shot, showing Steph Curry straight up ignoring a young fan who wanted Curry to sign his jersey, and has already racked up 42,000 views in 2 days.

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The video shows images of other Warriors' players signing the boy's jersey, including Shaun Livingston, JaVale McGee, Klay Thompson and Patrick McCaw, but once Steph comes out, he doesn't offer the child a second glance.

Now, to be fair to Curry, even though it doesn't look like he was in a rush, we all know that if he did decide to sign this kid's jersey, all the fans behind the camera would have been expecting the same treatment, and no way would Curry have time for every fan in attendance.

Another theory that has been thrown around as to why Steph ignored the kid is because Curry knows why the kid wants his signature -- the kid's parents are just trying to sell the jersey once they get it autographed. It's common practice at NBA games reportedly, as parents will use their kids to guilt players into signing items, and then sell the merchandise for insane prices. Why else would the kid already be wearing a Curry jersey but wanting Steph to sign a completely different one? Very suspicious.

Regardless, the three-point king's public image may have taken a huge hit after this video was released for the whole world to see.